Yahoo Web Analytics 9.5: "Prepare to be WOW’ed"

Tue 28 April 2009 17:59, Bas van den Beld

Yahoo Web Analytics 9.5: "Prepare to be WOW’ed"

Only this morning at A4UExpo the expert SEO's were talking about Yahoo Web Analytics and how Dennis Mortensen was going to stay with Yahoo until at least the new version was live.

Little did they know that Dennis was actually preparing to go live at that right time! This morning Mortensen announced the launch of Yahoo! Web Analytics 9.5 on his blog Visual Revenue.

They started out rolling out the new versions to clients today. And in the comments of his own article Dennis told on of our bloggers, Jon Myers, that we had to "Prepare to be WOW’ed".

The new version has been focussing on backend and scalability issues but they also implemented some new features:

  • New Demographic Dimensions
  • New Psychographic Dimensions
  • New Charting Capabilities
  • New Path Analysis
  • New Negative-Segmentation opportunities
  • New version 5 tracking code (I describe the upgrade in my Yahoo! Web Analytics book)
  • ..and 30 other smaller updates like e.g. native PDF export, use up to 50 actions (goals), introduction of 38 custom fields etcetera

The Demographic Dimensions can also be filtered to use in other reports, the Psychographic Dimensions "hold similar characteristics as Demographics, in the sense that you can filter and segment on this data."

The screenshots Mortensen supplies on his blog look very nice. To give you some insight:


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Comments (6)


    • Geoff Jackson (zigojacko)
    • [website]

    When I try to log into Yahoo! Web Analytics I get "No Yahoo Web Analytics services are associated with this Yahoo! ID" :(

    I assume it has still not been rolled out in the UK yet then or is there something I am supposed to do to log in? I find Yahoo! so confusing with their multiple login screens and one login for this and another for that.

    Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks

    Do 30 apr 2009, 12:32

  • Same message as you Geoff - shame as it looks pretty good. I guess there's some other fundamentals that they have to consider for non-US countries, regarding the demograhics etc...

    Looking forward to having a closer look at it though.


    Do 30 apr 2009, 16:43

    • Geoff Jackson (zigojacko)
    • [website]

    It does look great, I must admit. Can't wait to have a play around with it.

    Just to let you know, I have been in contact with a Yahoo! Web Analytics Manager who advises that this was originally rolled out to customers of Yahoo's partners and any new clients of Index Tools which Yahoo acquired and to Yahoo! Store Holders.

    The only other people that will get access right now is those with managed accounts (and we do have an account manager at Yahoo) yet I still couldn't login so I've contacted my account manager to see if I can use my login for Web Analytics. So if you have a managed account, it would be the same with you.

    If not, I guess the UK has to wait to gain access just like with everything else!

    Do 30 apr 2009, 17:37

  • Thanks for breaking the news! We've been waiting for this for too long. Anybody used this? Is it worth the switch from Google Analytics?

    Za 2 mei 2009, 04:51

  • Im not completely convinced that any of these web based analytics hold a candle to the raw logs. None the less they are 'pretty'.

    Ma 23 mei 2011, 11:04

  • very nice.....

    Vr 10 apr 2015, 10:15


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