Facebook goal: global domination

Tue 15 May 2012 12:36, Tamara Yadvichuk, 7077 views

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    • samuel

    If you keep up with a science blog or two, then you probably know that worlds beyond our own have been a hot topic lately. While I am more interested in biology-related news, I did find it interesting that a new galaxy was discovered just recently. This “new” neighbor is unique in a lot of ways, so it made for some interesting www.aoforestersheritage.com/friendly_societies.html gucci replica belts reading. Don’t worry though, I won’t bore you with the details. The only reason for bringing it up is because this curiosity humans have for “outer space” seems to have inspired a couple of handbag designers. As you will see, one of these designers comes at no surprise, really. But the other one caught me a bit off guard. Just check out these two styles and I think you will see what I mean.

    Something like this is classic Marc! His diffusion line is always featuring quirky designs and this piece is no exception. This unusual wristlet features an intergalactic-inspired background and a very unique foreground. Do you see the astronauts? They actually disappear and reappear, depending on the viewing angle. www.apollodvd.co.uk/html/terms_conitions.asp cheap polo ralph lauren Too cool! Now this is the one that has me stumped because this just isn’t Kate Spade’s usual M.O. Nevertheless, the clutch is pretty darn cute. It resembles a space shuttle, much like the ones you would see at NASA. The main body is made of patent leather and the nose is accented with glitter.

    Vr 9 jan 2015, 10:36


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