Youtube's Most Cried Clip of the Month

Wed 2 May 2012 15:25, Vitto Christaldi, 9379 views

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  • Al Cartwright
    Twitter Al Cartwright 28/08/2009 14:32 uur
    Rt @M2rk after spending weeks researching social media options I found this, not sure to laugh or cry, lol - - CRY!
  • Graham English
    Twitter Graham English 09/08/2009 05:49 uur
    I'm gonna write a song called Cry, Woman, Cry. Marley only had it half right.
  • Kunle Campbell
    Twitter Kunle Campbell 07/07/2009 21:29 uur
    Heal the World was one of my BEST MJ tracks....nostalgia. Made me cry sometimes (yes cry)
  • TwitPoetry
    Twitter TwitPoetry 01/07/2009 14:47 uur
    Learn me how to cry / and when I cry, forbid me / to say it's nothing - #haiku #poem - #twaiku
  • David Tutin
    Twitter David Tutin 10/06/2009 16:38 uur
    RT @rishil: I don't know whether to laugh or cry. cry..with laughter
  • Lisa Barone
    Twitter Lisa Barone 30/05/2009 16:43 uur
    Do your cats cry at the walls, cry at you, cry at 4am, cry cry cry cry or is just mine that need to be hit w/ rocks? #wouldneverhurtmycats
  • TwitPoetry
    Twitter TwitPoetry 26/05/2009 12:53 uur
    Learn me how to cry / and when I cry, forbid me / to say it's nothing - #haiku #poem - #twaiku
  • Mike Grehan
    Twitter Mike Grehan 16/05/2009 09:16 uur
    Amsterdam... Almost home... Cry,cry, cry...
  • JanSimpson
    Twitter JanSimpson 10/04/2009 06:28 uur
    RT @HarveyCaldwell: Look out now the leftys wouldn't tell a lie. They just put up smoke with mirrors, and cry, cry ,cry.
  • Mike Wilton
    Twitter Mike Wilton 12/03/2009 23:56 uur
    What a nice way to end the day, Johnny Cash - Cry Cry Cry
  • Rob McNealy
    Twitter Rob McNealy 04/02/2009 17:44 uur
    RT @z3rr0: I'm tired of hearing people cry about the economy. Stop letting life happen to you, and get out there and take control.
  • brooks bayne
    Twitter brooks bayne 03/02/2009 23:38 uur
    why does glenn beck always cry on air? it's so awkward. #tcot

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