Twouble with Twitters: SuperNews!

Fri 16 October 2009 14:53, Bas van den Beld, 5583 views

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  • Stephanie Wetzel
    Twitter Stephanie Wetzel 18/09/2009 23:09 uur
    Friday night... Taking kids to see Cloudy w a Chance of Meatballs. Yes, me + 3 kids + Friday + opening nite = WHAT AM I THINKING?
  • David Walker
    Twitter David Walker 28/08/2009 21:28 uur
    RT @OscarTG: RT @DavidWalkerTV: It's Friday night in the UK which means the Friday Night Drinking tweet! Full fat Stella... Watch out wifey!
  • stephenkruiser
    Twitter stephenkruiser 08/08/2009 04:43 uur
    Friday night Twitter and some beer. Livin' the life. And I haven't even gotten the beer yet.
  • Warren Whitlock
    Twitter Warren Whitlock 03/08/2009 19:28 uur
    @chrisbrogan I'm anxious to review your book.. Can I get you on Twitter radio? Any Friday night in August, or record it at your convenience
  • Vancouver
    Twitter Vancouver 11/07/2009 14:22 uur
    Football Night In Canada: Friday Night Doubleheader -
  • Danny Sullivan
    Twitter Danny Sullivan 08/07/2009 07:44 uur
    i'm angry at google. this is really a friday night announcement, to make up for no wolfram launch, facebook landgrab, BSG on twitter
  • Reg Saddler
    Twitter Reg Saddler 26/06/2009 19:58 uur
    Reminder every Friday night at 7pm/pst twitter "The RT 101 Show" Ch2 Co Anchor @ProfBrendi WOW! join us 818.602.4929
  • seattlepi
    Twitter seattlepi 20/06/2009 05:24 uur
    In front of your computer on Friday night? (Us too!) Check out this video interpretation of don't-call-me-liz-gate
  • Dave Winer
    Twitter Dave Winer 14/06/2009 11:50 uur
    @om suggests that the facebook friday night landgrab was all about twitter.
  • Julie Kosbab
    Twitter Julie Kosbab 13/06/2009 00:29 uur
    WOW2009 Update Friday Night Pasta Feed: Looking for a dinner option between Friday afternoon’..
  • Warren Whitlock
    Twitter Warren Whitlock 04/06/2009 05:02 uur
    New Twitter Tools and Tips - this friday night on
  • Noah Everett
    Twitter Noah Everett 09/05/2009 03:56 uur - Gettin wild up in here, video chatting on a Friday night...think I'll clean my fridge later

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