SMX London 2008 - Search Advertising - Ophir Cohen - Part 2

Thu 6 November 2008 23:54, Bas van den Beld, 8388607 views

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  • Peter Young
    Twitter Peter Young 22/09/2009 16:49 uur
    #adtechlondon Europe lagging behind UK but outstriping UK in terms of growth
  • Kevin Gibbons
    Twitter Kevin Gibbons 29/08/2009 18:04 uur
    @evilgreenmonkey nice one, which are the main conferences UK guys go to? Very tempted for next year, thinking SMX Adv, SMX East or PubCon
  • Barney Pell
    Twitter Barney Pell 04/06/2009 16:13 uur
    Talking with @mattfin who organized smx and emetrics in Europe. Ford optimizes cars shipped based on website configuration data.
  • Jonathon Colman
    Twitter Jonathon Colman 04/06/2009 00:46 uur
    RT @ivoandov Presentations website just got waaaaaay better with lots of updates. SHWEET! #smx
  • Lisa Barone
    Twitter Lisa Barone 02/06/2009 20:19 uur
    "This is my first attempt in adding humor in presentations" - @audette #smx
  • jc
    Twitter jc 02/06/2009 16:54 uur
    RT: @williamfischer Future of Classifieds Online Interesting transparency. all presentations from internal Google UK event
  • David Szetela
    Twitter David Szetela 31/05/2009 19:58 uur
    RT @clickequations: Polishing presentations #SMX - anxious 2 get 'advanced' on Quality Score, Match Type, Text Ads. Sessions Tues 9am, 1 ...
  • Jordan Kasteler
    Twitter Jordan Kasteler 24/05/2009 05:07 uur
    now i have to finish my presentations for SMX Advanced and Affiliate Convention
  • Efficient Frontier
    Twitter Efficient Frontier 23/05/2009 01:42 uur
    RT @SmartRich SMX London Roundup - More News, Tips, Tricks, Tools And Links Links to presentations (via @mattuk)
  • richardbaxter
    Twitter richardbaxter 20/05/2009 01:02 uur
    follow @deanchew and download his presentations from #smx at
  • Rasmus Himmelstrup
    Twitter Rasmus Himmelstrup 18/05/2009 12:31 uur
    Of mobile search Google has 98.21%,Yahoo 0.96% and Yandex 0.48% market share in Europe according to @basvandenbeld at #smx
  • Mikkel deMib
    Twitter Mikkel deMib 17/05/2009 23:21 uur
    Brand new presentations made for SMX London. Exciting new stuff included :)

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