The Digital Story of Nativity

Wed 21 December 2011 15:12, Vitto Christaldi, 1699 views

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    Need Special and Unique Christmas Gift Ideas | Christmas
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    Christmas Story Kid : What The Kid From 'A Christmas Story' Would Be Like At 23
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    Traveling for 13hrs and have officially reached my Christmas music playlist. I'm all rocking around the Christmas tree up in here #delirious
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    Wow, I really just saw an ad telling me to start saving for Christmas.... CHRISTMAS! IT's freaking AUGUST and 102 DEGREES OUTSIDE!
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    RT @joitheartist: "Nothing brings people together like a Christmas lung fungus." And THAT is why this is a good Christmas ep.
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    RT @andrewparker The big apple bbq is today! Its like christmas in June... Meat Christmas. Meatmas.
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