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  • Lou Molina
    Twitter Lou Molina 25/08/2009 09:40 uur
    Facebook App Developer To Apple: Tear Down This App Store Wall: TechCrunch It's hard to remember an app in r.. http://bit.ly/3RLIZR
  • Lou Molina
    Twitter Lou Molina 19/08/2009 09:17 uur
    Apps to watch: Facebook 3.0, Wikipedia app: App Advice got an early look at the Facebook 3.0 app and notes that .. http://bit.ly/LqLNK
  • Joe D'Andrea
    Twitter Joe D'Andrea 17/08/2009 23:19 uur
    To use the iPhone @PIzzaHut app, you must register at PizzaHut.com, but the app doesn't even launch Mobile Safari. (In-app signup? Please?)
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    Twitter Jesse Stay 26/07/2009 02:01 uur
    Yes, I am watching the Astros game live from the MLB app as I watch the Sox play in Fenway park. I wish the app had Twitter in-app.
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    Too many apps in the App Store? Yeah, there's an app for that. No... seriously... http://app-zap.com
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    First iPhone App with In-App Purchasing: $1 App, $10 Per Month [IPhone Apps] http://tinyurl.com/lkc2g3
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    Just downloaded a new iphone app to track sexual predators in my area. Check app store for "offender locator." GREAT app!
  • Alister Cameron
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    Ultimate twitter app: a twitter-only proxy so that no matter what app I use, it's filtered and proxied via a filtering app... capish?
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    Top Paid App in US App Store vs. Top Paid App in UK App Store. http://ow.ly/682h
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    Some tweeps asking me to expand my iPhone kindle app review. Here goes: can't buy books thru app, no landscape mode, subpar reader app.

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