Meet the GoodOS

Thu 4 December 2008 15:52, Bas van den Beld, 6360 views

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  • Matt Blay
    Twitter Matt Blay 03/08/2009 15:59 uur
    Eric Schmidt Resigns from Apple, Google OS and Google Voice to blame?
  • Bart Schuijt
    Twitter Bart Schuijt 22/07/2009 11:15 uur
    @BenVooren True. Google Chrome werkt al snel + gebruiksgemak is in orde dus #Google #OS zal hetzelfde principe hebben. Byebye #Windows?
  • Dave Rohrer
    Twitter Dave Rohrer 10/07/2009 23:23 uur
    If we move to a Google OS/Web based/light OS we dont need big powerful PCs. If that happens, what happens 2 dell/MS/toshiba & such?
  • Sherman Hu
    Twitter Sherman Hu 09/07/2009 01:37 uur
    [GOOGLE, OS] Google drops a bomb: it's own operating system
  • Rafe Needleman
    Twitter Rafe Needleman 08/07/2009 20:49 uur
    Join me and all the CNET Google reporters today at 2pm PDT for a live chat on Google OS:
  • Todd Mintz
    Twitter Todd Mintz 08/07/2009 19:21 uur
    RT @dannysullivan: wouldn't it be ironic if eu & us insist google has to install IE and Firefox in addition to Chrome on its Google OS?
  • Danny Sullivan
    Twitter Danny Sullivan 08/07/2009 19:19 uur
    wouldn't it be ironic if eu & us insist google has to install IE and Firefox in addition to Chrome on its Google OS?
  • Arleen Boyd
    Twitter Arleen Boyd 08/07/2009 18:22 uur
    Woke up to the Google OS news. OK Big Brother Google - I'm impressed! (yes, I do use Chrome!)
  • Seth Goldstein
    Twitter Seth Goldstein 08/07/2009 14:57 uur
    freaking stoked about the Google Chrome OS. I hope that I can do a dual boot with win 7 and google os. WOOT!
  • ventilla
    Twitter ventilla 08/07/2009 09:08 uur
    \RT @TechCrunch Google Drops A Nuclear Bomb On Microsoft. And It’s Made of Chrome. . The Google OS is coming, look busy
  • Torsten Hubert
    Twitter Torsten Hubert 08/07/2009 07:53 uur
    The Google OS Becomes Reality: Google Announced the Google Chrome OS
  • Miles Price
    Twitter Miles Price 08/07/2009 07:49 uur
    Reading: The Google OS Becomes Reality: Google Announces the Google Chrome OS

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