Google's fading in homepage test

Tue 6 October 2009 11:36, Bas van den Beld, 8254 views

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  • Seth Goldstein
    Twitter Seth Goldstein 22/09/2009 07:39 uur
    A mysterious series for H.G. Wells: You might have noticed an unexplained set of doodles on the Google homepage ..
  • The Floating Frog
    Twitter The Floating Frog 13/09/2009 18:56 uur
    Google homepage - simpilist page on the net - small tweak still confused mother to call for advice - #motherfail #Googlefail
  • Jos
    Twitter Jos 10/09/2009 07:46 uur
    Our Google homepage got supersized! Bigger search box,bigger fonts and bigger and consistent buttons. #GOOGLE #UI
  • Xavier Lur
    Twitter Xavier Lur 15/08/2009 07:08 uur
    Text Ads on the Google Homepage Move towards the Center
  • Michael Gray
    Twitter Michael Gray 20/07/2009 17:23 uur
    nope @rustybrick that's like a friend setting you up on a date with their fat ugly sister google earth != google homepage
  • Dan Sharp
    Twitter Dan Sharp 03/07/2009 10:04 uur
    Google homepage logo and search box moved further up the page now to... might be going mad.
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    Travelocity Unveils New Design for Homepage Search Marketing | Bid ...: Travel search site Travelocity has redes..
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    SEW Blog posted - Travelocity Unveils New Design for Homepage
  • Chris Bennett
    Twitter Chris Bennett 08/05/2009 16:24 uur
    RT @TheNanny612: RT @lorenbaker: 10 YEars of the Google Homepage (an oldie but goodie pictorial) (via @Matt_Siltala)
  • Matt Siltala
    Twitter Matt Siltala 08/05/2009 15:14 uur
    RT @lorenbaker 10 YEars of the Google Homepage (an oldie but goodie pictorial) [fun to remember when they were not evil]
  • Glenn Gabe
    Twitter Glenn Gabe 08/05/2009 15:09 uur
    RT @lorenbaker: 10 Years of the Google Homepage (an oldie but goodie pictorial)
  • Planet Chiropractic
    Twitter Planet Chiropractic 27/04/2009 17:14 uur
    Wow, that's the most interesting Google homepage yet.

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