Searchmarketing tools on Apple's iPhone Part 1: PPC Editor

Tue 15 September 2009 17:00, Evert Veldhuijzen

Searchmarketing tools on Apple's iPhone Part 1: PPC Editor

Like probably many of you, I’m an iPhone addict. I use the iPhone nearly the whole day to read e-mails, navigate through the web, manage my social media accounts, watch tv, manage my todo lists and …. try out search marketing tools. I love watching site statistics, doing a quick scan of a site or even managing Adwords accounts (well actually I would like to, but I’ll talk about that later) on my mobile companion.

I downloaded and bought a lot of stuff from the iPhone Appstore and today and in the next days or weeks I would like to give you a small review of my iPhone Search Marketing Toolkit. I'll start today with a tool to manage your Adwords account: PPC Editor.

Since Google launched the new Adwords interface, it’s hardly impossible to work with it on Apple’s iPhone. Before the launch I logged in almost every day using my iPhone to check clicks, costs and especially conversions. Now this doesn’t work anymore so you’ll need an app to do the job.

Apps for PPC marketers are very rare; I know Acquisio offers a iPhone friendly interface for her customers, but I only found one app in the App Store to manage Adwords campaigns: PPC Editor

PPC Editor (€ 13,99)

Starting PPC Editor the tool asks for your Google Adwords Login Data and your Google developer API key.  Furthermore you can insert your client’s e-mail. Nice feature: If you insert your MCC login, the client email drop down list will be populated by your clients' emails. It will be empty if you have used a regular Google Adwords account. For our bigger international clients we have some MCC’s in our MCC. Unfortunately the tool can’t work with these logins, but of course you can enter the “sub-MCC” data directly. (Note:At the moment the tool crashes when you insert new MCC data.)

The main screen of PPC Editor shows your campaign data of the selected date range. There are one (vertical mode) or two buttons (horizontal mode) to switch the content of the columns: clicks, impressions, average CPC and costs. Another button let you switch through different campaign properties: all campaigns, only active campaigns and all not deleted campaigns. You are able to change the campaign budget or pause the campaign by clicking on the campaign name.

From the campaign panel you can dig down to the ad group level. The ad group level works almost the same way as the campaign level, with two exceptions: clicking on the adgroup name  gives you the opportunity not only to activate or pause an adgroup, but also to delete one immediately. Furthermore you can see the average position.

Finally the keyword level shows the real weakness of the tool; there are no filter, order or search options available. Having adgroups with a lot of keywords, makes it very hard to make a good decision because you are not able to order your data on clicks for example. Besides that (and this is even worse) you can’t see the selected keyword option! So if you book the same keyword exact and phrase you don’t see any difference between the keywords! Another problem is that the tool doesn’t refresh the keyword data. If you pause a keyword the tool will go back to the main keyword screen showing the keyword still as active.


Two keywords, two different keyword options. One exact and one phrase match, but you don't see the difference.

I think this tool has potential as long as Google doesn’t come out with an iPhone friendly version of the Adwords interface. But there are a lot of important features missing, like possibilities to search, order or filter the data. Another negative thing about the tool is that you can’t see important conversion data, not even if you are using the Adwords own Conversion Tracking Pixel.

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