Review: Should SheerSEO be part of your SEO armoury?

Mon 24 August 2009 14:00, Peter Young

Review: Should SheerSEO be part of your SEO armoury?

There are a number of SEO tools out on the market on the market ranging from the SEOMoz suite of seo software tools to other search marketing tools such as Corvario whose offerings offer professional search marketeers a plethora of competitive intelligence.

One of the tools is SheerSEO, created by Eyal Aldema from Tel Aviv, Israel. The tool itself offers many of the features you would expect of a standard SEO product, such as traditional rankings options (with an historical tracker) integrated into the system, page rank monitoring tools and *cough* keyword density checkers. As with other rank monitoring software such as Web Position Gold and Advanced Web Ranking these can be exported to other system in order to analyse further. Historical results can be retrieved across the three (current) main search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo)

 It is however the further analysis available from the tool that does distinguish the tool from many other standard SEO tools out in the market at present.Admittedly tools such as Advanced Link Manager comes bundled with AWR, however the Sheer SEO tool appears to offer functionality across the entire SEO landscape to encompass both on-page best practise (I would query 'keyword density' as a up to date metric to be monitoring - on a personal note there is more important factors that could be measured on-page) and information and in particular the link analysis information was particularly interesting (I will at this point thank the tool for identifying another post from Matt Cutts containing a Holistic Search reference - that aside this was highly informative and very well structured).


Further segmentation of data particularly on the main refferrers tab would have been useful similar to other link diagnostic tools such as Link Diagnosis. In particular, segmentation by keyword, and PR may have been useful and the collation of related data may have been advisable here as the number of referrers from the primary engines could only be retrieved by clicking on the 'Number of Referrers' tab. 

In terms of hardcore search intelligence, this is never going to be a hardcore tool such as Majestic SEO or even Webmaster Tools to that effect however there were a number of tools which provided some further top-level analysis


  • The social tool was evidence of bookmarking evaluation - however whether it was down to the use of the demo account for evaluation - the data appeared inconsistent and out of date. I would also add that I would suggest further segmentation capabilities in order to identify and engage would have made this part of the tool far more valuable.
  • Keyword Density analyser. To be honest limited analysis of this for the above reasons, however it provided the usual single, double and triple term analysis
  • Supplemental pages checker - Highly top level analysis of 'supplemental index pages'. At least one thing on here that Google doesnt report on :)

However possibly its finest offering is that of the 'Backlinks Watchdog', which allowed monitoring of links in order to analyse any change to your link status. This is monitored on a daily basis, and allowed a valuable overview of any links. This however did not appear to highlight as to whether any further restrictions had been aplied to a link such as nofollow'.


If you are looking for a high end analysis tool this is possibly not the answer to your prayers, however it does offer a good entry level tool to search marketeers. It doesn't however offer any high end segmentation or analysis of data nor easy analysis of potential link partners which you may be able to utilise from other tools on the market such as Linkscape. Costing is however reflective of this with standard licensing starting from $10 a month - however if you are looking for a high end tool I would add - beware - it would be a bit like buying a Scooter engine for a Ferrari.

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  • It amazes me that so many marketers waste precious time looking for search optimization tools. Their time would be better spent writing high value keyword focused content for their website or blog.
    Sure, it helps to know what keywords are in demand, how often to use keywords in your content,and where to place your keywords. But its the content that is written from your heart that solves a problem or addresses as need that gets you high rankings with the search engines.
    Google, Yahoo, and Bing want information, after all, that is why most people use the search engines. So give it to them.
    Trying to trick the search engines solves no problems. Real people click on your link and if your trying to be cute they won't be fooled. That's why there is a back button. If you don't grab your visitors attention in the first sentence or two they're gone and they probably won't return.
    Maybe its me but I can't justify spending $120.00/year on SEO tools unless, of course, it writes my content for me. Wouldn't that be nice. You could kick back, grab a coffee, and count your money. It doesn't work like that.
    There are plenty of content management systems and site builders on the market today that will teach SEO for no extra fees. Yea they cost more than $10.00/month but for less than $1.00/day and the other tools included you can't go wrong. Plus you don't need to spend more money on hosting, domain name registration and other extras. is $23.95/mo. Site Build It is $25.00/mo. There is a review of SBI here.

    Di 25 aug 2009, 19:06

  • James is absolutely right on the money. Sure it is helpful to discover the backlinks that your competitors are using and understanding how to increase yours sites PR rating is helpful, but the articles I have written and submitted to ezines has netted me fast results, plus they appear almost immediately in the top listings. Go for content and offer content. Think of questions your customer's ask you and post content that answers those questions..."voila" got hits!

    Za 19 jun 2010, 02:37

  • There is another SEO Tracking service called Master Site - - that is very similar but a lot simpler to use then sheerseo. It gives you exactly what you need to assess your rankings without all the extra non-essential info. Check it out and you'll see what I mean. Plus, it's only $1.00 to try it for a month which is pretty cool too if you are watching your budget.

    Ma 5 jul 2010, 21:39

  • I am working now several weeks with Sheerseo and i have to say it is working perfect for me. It gives me very good inside information.

    Vr 13 aug 2010, 03:03

  • Yes, SheerSEO rocks really! I've also written something about SheerSeo some time ago: - maybe you like it

    Thanks, I like your ideas on how to use this Suite!

    Do 9 dec 2010, 00:47


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