Additionly launches private beta tool for Google AdWords

Thu 21 June 2012 23:50, Gabriel Goldberg

June 21th 2012, Brussels, Belgium — Online advertising is exploding: 2012 is the first year that online advertising spending will surpass print advertising in the US. Yet with current tools, monitoring campaigns and reporting performance remains painstaking and time-consuming. Today, Additionly ( launches the private beta of its brand new platform to help online marketing agencies as well as large and small companies monitor the performance of their Google AdWords campaigns in seconds rather than hours.

Additionly launches private beta tool for Google AdWords
Combining a tailor-made interface for online advertising with advanced analytics, Additionly helps save time and improve campaign performance thanks to lightning-fast monitoring of Google AdWords campaigns, automatic explaining of performance, and easy sharing with others.

Finding the Small Data in Big Data: tailor-made interfaces and advanced analytics

In an age of Big Data, unless number-crunching tools are tailor-built specifically around the sort of data they contain, they will fail to pinpoint the Small Data that really matters. Additionly’s interface is designed to provide answers to the questions online advertising practitioners face every day.

One of Additionly’s most innovative and time-saving features is Explain, which automatically identifies performance drivers. A task that can take hours in large accounts is accomplished in a matter of seconds with a single click. Additionly also combines data visualization, statistical benchmarks and forecasts to contextualize campaign performance and plan ahead.

Learning from what non-data platforms do best

Additionly also embraces a number of features people use on the web everyday outside of number crunching platforms. For example, by incorporating notifications Additionly automatically spots and alerts of unusual performance. The built-in Messenger, combined with the ability to share URLs to specific points of interest, also makes it incredibly easy to share performance with clients, colleagues or managers.

For online marketing pros or agencies that have dozens or sometimes even hundreds of accounts to manage, Additionly significantly reduces the time and resources needed to monitor AdWords campaigns, understand what drives their performance, and report to others:

Monitor Performance, lightening fast

  • “Morning Coffee” summary – Start your day with a one-page overview of all your AdWords accounts' performance. Additionly points you to unusual performance and provides smart graphs for context.
  • Notifications – Never miss a thing with the intelligent alerts that bring your attention to the things that matter: from a drastic fall in average position to a greedy budget.
  • Benchmarks – campaign performance is benchmarked automatically based on smart algorithms that take daily seasonality and the latest trends into account.

Understand Performance, automatically

  • Explain feature – One of the most time-consuming tasks when managing campaigns is to identify what caused performance. Additionly's Explain feature does just that. Say an account saw a considerable drop in clicks, Additionly automatically identifies the campaigns, adgroups, keywords and placements most responsible.
  • Budget Planner – The budget planner makes it really easy to set budget targets and stick to them. Never run out of budget at the end of a month again. The Budget Planner also makes recommendations on how to improve budget allocation between campaigns.

  • Client view  – Focus on a client and analyze performance in depth with custom periods, large graphs, automatic reference periods to compare performance, forecasts to see where you’re heading and much more.

Sharing, made really easy

  • Messenger – Know how burdensome it is to have to switch between an email and the data about which you're writing? Additionly has a built-in messenger that slides into the window whenever you need to send out reports. So you can write in context.
  • URL share Share URLs to specific points of interest in the client view, such as a graph with pre-selected metrics or a period in time. It’s as easy as embedding a video.
  • Unlimited users Create as many users as you want and grant them access to custom-made sets of accounts.

Invite requests for Additionly’s private beta are being accepted from today on The invite-only beta is free for a limited time. Pricing plans will be announced after the summer.

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