New Tools in Raven SEO Toolbox

Mon 22 February 2010 15:55, Evert Veldhuijzen

New Tools in Raven SEO Toolbox

Raven SEO toolbox is one of the few tools I use on a daily basis. For three weeks Raven announced a partnership with Majestic SEO and now they already released two new tools using the Majestic SEO interface: “Site Finder” and “Backlink Explorer”. If you want to test these tools for free I suggest you read till the end of the article!

Raven SEO tools is a set of tools helping you with your daily internet marketing activities. Maybe it’s important to say here that, unlike many other tools from the US, it also works great with local European search engines. It exists of different tools, to keep you informed about your rankings, social media mentions, analytics and backlinks. Most tools interact with each other and come with a very strong report engine.

A short overview:
- The SERP Tracker helps you to track your rankings and those of your competitors in the search engines.
- The Analytics module gives you some standard reports using the Google Analytics API. This module and the SERP tracker are connected to each other, so you can actually see, how much traffic you get from a certain position in the serps.


fig. 1: Raven shows SERP rankings and Analytics data together. This screenshot also demonstrates the importance of Yahoo in Germany.

- The research tools give you some quick information about the quality of a website for SEO. It exists of a Quality Analyzer, which gives you general information like the number of indexed pages in Google and Yahoo, number of backlinks in Google and Yahoo, Pagerank, number of edu and gov links and a site is listed in DMOZ or not.  The design analyzer let’s you see how optimized a site is for SEO. It analyzes the header order, page content and validates your html.
Furthermore the Lynx View tool shows you the page through the eyes of a search engine bot.
Other research tools within the Raven toolbox are the Adwords Research Tool, Keyword Analyzer, SEMrush and Wordtracker.
- The social media tools let you track the mentions of your brand in blogs, forums, on twitter etc. It comes with a handy persona manager to manage your social networking accounts.
- Use the content and blog manager to store and manage articles in one central location. Then publish the content to unlimited Wordpress blogs.
- Finally the toolbox contains a powerful link manager to track your link building efforts.
The two new tools “Site finder” and “Backlink Explorer” are part of these link building tools.

Site Finder
Site Finder finds and ranks the backlinking domains of the top 10 domains for a certain keyword (unfortunately it connects only to right now, but I'm sure Raven will take care of that in the future).  It shows different metrics to determine how valuable a link from one of the returned domains would be, like ACRank (Majestic SEO), mozRank and Page Authority (both SEOmoz). Furthermore it shows the number of backlinks of each domain.

After reviewing the returned domains you can easily create new link records directly in the Link Manager.

Backlink Explorer
The backlink explorer let’s you… well, explore the backlinks of a domain :) It takes the backlinks from the Majestic SEO database and ranks them using Majestic SEO’s ACRank. Furthermore it displays anchor text, tells you if a link is encasing an image or if it is nofollowed or not. Of course you can import your backlink data directly into the link manager.

For Searchcowboys readers: 3 months Raven SEO Tools for free!
Raven SEO tools offers Searchcowboys readers the possibility to test the toolbox thoroughly for three months for free! Just signup for the trial with the promotion code “searchcowboy” or just use this link:
You’ll get two free months (after trial period) for the Pro Version (normal price $ 79,- /month) or 50% off on an agency account for two months (normal price $ 99,50/month)

The promotion code expires March 31 and is limited to 500 users, so be fast!

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Comments (8)


  • Great article thanks for that. Seeing Seomoz Pro and Raven SEO membership price is the same ($79) and they are both claiming to provide similar tools, I would very much appreciate if you could make another blog to make SeoMoz vs Raven SEO comparison. Thanks

    Di 23 feb 2010, 04:45

  • Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your comment. I don't think they are similar. Rand has some great tools, but some of them are very Google US focused. The Serp Tracker of Raven was made to check a big set of keywords regularly. SEOmoz rank tracker wasn't made for that.
    Seomoz doesn't offer a link building management system like Raven does. And there's no social media monitor and Analytics connection.
    I use both Seomoz and Raven next to each other. I don't think you can replace one with the other.
    But I'll think about writing a long comparison post. TThese were just my two cents ;)

    Di 23 feb 2010, 11:12

  • its a very useful information. thank you ...

    Di 23 feb 2010, 13:30

  • Not wanting to get my tinfoil hat out but how sure are you that your data is safe. Link & keyword data can be a fairly worthwhile commodity in the right or should I say wrong hands!

    Do 20 mei 2010, 12:02

  • I have to agree that Raven must look at the international SEO agency market and ask themselves where they can improve.

    I'm stoked for the USA guys but in South Africa we need more options that's relevant to or local market.

    Vr 4 mrt 2011, 21:50

  • Apologies, wanted to specifically mention the fact that a good keyword tool could be very useful as well - where metrics beyond the obvious are incorporated... I'm thinking Market Samurai - if you know what I mean ;)

    Vr 4 mrt 2011, 22:07

  • Love this tools. Finaly a handy tool for checking the competition.

    Vr 13 dec 2013, 15:56


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    Za 3 dec 2016, 03:11


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