Q&A with Lipperhey: big plans for search measurement tool

Fri 8 January 2010 11:00, Editors

Q&A with Lipperhey: big plans for search measurement tool

In April of 2009 the Dutch service Lipperhey launched. This service gives you the status of your website within minutes. Hundreds of SEO-related issues are tested by the tool which is also available in English since June of last year. There is a free version and a paid version in which you can get a full report.

The service didn't stop at where they were in June and is constantly working on renewal of their products. For 2010 they have some interesting things planned. Time to do a Q&A with Lipperhey.

Could you tell us in short what Lipperhey is?
Lipperhey is an online service that analyzes and evaluates your website on overall quality and searchability for the major search engines such as Google and Bing. The algorithm is based on guidelines and input provided by Google, Yahoo!, ASK, Bing, W3C, Governments, literature and information from several independent SEO specialists across the globe. When we have completed our thorough site evaluation, we prepare a detailed advisory report for you to guide the growth and improvement of your site.Next to the report the service also offers a competitive analysis for free. Which compares your site with your three most important competitors and in a glance shows you the relative strengths and weaknesses of the site site. And to keep updated on the results we monthly track the development of your site's overall quality, searchability and popularity for free as well.

Our main goal is that Lipperhey want to help every website-owner improve the searchability, overall quality and popularity of  their website completely independent and objective.

Lipperhey has been around now for quite a few months, how are the responses from the market?
The market response has been great. We grow faster than expected. From the start in April 2009 untill today our service analyzed already more than 6 million websites. And we are still accelerating after we launched our API which makes It possible for everyone to build their own service around the technology of Lipperhey.

When you first came out some said it could be a danger for SEOs who try to sell the same kind of services to their clients.How do you feel about that?
We don't see ourselves as a danger to SEO companies. We don’t implement. A lot of SEO companies offer our advisory report and scores to their clients. At first they saw us as a kind of thread but now more than  9 months on our way they see the added value of the service. They now have an independent tool at hand which shows their clients how good they are and they can justify their statements made to clients.  They know we won’t start implementing as this would damage the credibility of the service and objectivity of the analyses.

Who is using Lipperhey?
If I look at users, we serve the SOHO and SME market as well as the Blue Chip market.  So we are a full market service provider.

How does Lipperhey compare to other similar tools?
There are a lot of free tools on the market that often give something very useful, but often focused on one particular problem. Lipperhey gives you a more, thorough overview.

What are your plans for the future?
After our launch we received recommendations from the users and these are be implemented as we speak and will be launched during Q1 and Q2. Next to that we will further open up our platform and extend the possibilities of our API. One of the first new products will be our reversed search engine, a glimps of it can be found at: search.lipperhey.nl. This is the Dutch alpha version. More to be announced and the final version in February 2010. Also our dedicated Lipperhey solutions will be launched. These are dedicated solutions for mainly the blue chip and top SME market. These companies use our search technology for their own service or want to offer an extension to the Lipperhey service for their clients. Think about ecommerce planning, SME publications and Market Research. I know it is a bit vague at the moment but at the end of January the first dedicated solution will be launched by one of the biggest internet companies. Furthermore we will offer an extra subscription model to the users, probably at the end of Q1 2010 it will be active.

Is there a resellers program?
Yes we have reseller program and it is pretty straight forward. Resell the Lipperhey package and the more you sell the more you will earn. Starting at 10% going up to 50% commission. And with the api available you can design the service as you want it to be.  We also have a promoter offer. If you promote Lipperhey on your site with your personal Lipperhey link or button. You will get €1 for a new signup and 30% of its purchase.

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