SEO Samba targets the small businesses with SEO Toaster

Mon 9 November 2009 20:39, Bas van den Beld

SEO Samba targets the small businesses with SEO Toaster

Many small businesses are believed not to do much on online marketing and search optimization because of lack of money and time. Implementing a big system, expensive analytics or taking the time to look at complicated stats, it was not for them. SEO Samba, the organic search & web marketing platform, decided to take on just that group. At Pubcon today they launch SEO Toaster.

SEO Toaster is a free and open-source integrated Web marketing software application. SEO Samba believes SEO Toaster will represent a serious alternative to Yahoo Stores for small e-commerce websites or WordPress when used as a corporate or affiliate CMS. I got a short demo of the application and it does look good. Will it beat Wordpress as SEO Samba hopes it will? Only if they will get the mass and that remains to be seen.

So what is SEO Toaster? SEO Toaster is a content management system (CMS) with an architecture that "grows with your business". SEO Samba aims on making SEO and marketing easy for multiple websites from a central automated web marketing location.


SEO Toaster is a SEO CMS right out of the box, no plug-ins required; featuring automated 301 redirection creation, automated optimized on-site linking, automated link sculpting using JS, and  point and click link siloing.

Some of the highlights of the product SEO Samba points out are:

  • Set-up their Web presence fast with an SEO CMS “right out of the box” solution:  no plug-in or complex set-up required
  • Embed all latest SEO techniques automatically right into their website from the get-go to achieve high rankings with Google and other search engines: No blog to read, or SEO expert fees to pay
  • Access a library of ready-to-use themes to jump-start your presence online
  • Add and edit their web pages without ever leaving their website thanks to front-end inline editing and pre-configured widgets such as featured areas, related pages, image gallery, comment system and more
  • Sell products online with pre-built payment buttons for Paypal and 2checkout
  • Customize and integrate open-source shopping cart and other applications

The owner of SEO Samba, Michel Leconte, is off course very proud of his product:

“We designed and introduced SEO Samba in December 2008 with the express purpose of automating many of the time consuming and manual search optimization processes. Early adopters, such as B2B, franchises, affiliates, services and small e-commerce websites, have already seen the benefits of using SEO Samba.

We created SEO Toaster, for the millions of small business owners, affiliate marketers, and e-tailers who suffer from the lack of search engines rankings visibility, cost, expertise and time investment necessary to bring WordPress and the plug-in “can fix it all” (albeit late and often not reliably) patchwork mentality, or Yahoo store and their very limited proprietary web marketing and SEO functionalities”

SEO Toaster is claimed to be the first cloud CMS. Leconte explains:

“When you reach the point where you want to take your website to the next level of visibility, can’t afford the time to pilot each of your websites individually, or have already standardized your network of franchise or affiliate websites on SEO Toaster, push one button, and all your websites come together under a unified interface.”

If you are at Pubcon, SEO Samba will showcase SEO Toaster at its exhibitor booth # 201 on November 10 and 11, and introduce it officially tonight at the Kick-Off Networking Blast between 5:30pm and 7:30pm (PST).

I talked to SEO Samba founder Michel Leconte in New York last year. Look at the interview here.

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Comments (7)


    • Dennis Sievers

    Interesting; i think there is room for another SEO friendly ecommerce CMS, but, based on the information above, the real problem remains. A search engine friendly website is just the basis. I strongly believe that many (web)designers/developers take SE friendliness into account more and more, so that issue slowly rules out. Then getting traffic and conversion comes into play, and that is where the "problems" begin.
    As I said, I haven't seen anything of SEO Toaster yet, but if they also offer (any) solutions for step 2 and 3 (traffic > conversions), they might have something that can be worth a penny!

    Di 10 nov 2009, 08:45

  • Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.
    Actually, we do offer a solution for step 2 and 3 with a subscription to SEO Samba (optional at $99/month), seo toaster users get instant access to distribution channels for their information such as Google News compliant facility with email marketing integration, RSS feeds, Google Webmaster tools automation, Analytics, and Google Website Optimizer automation for landing page optimization.
    If I may add to your list of challenges, one issue for lots of folks out there (affiliates, agencies, franchises, multi-location businesses) is also in relation to the amount of work directly proportional to the number of websites they need to keep optimizing. To answer this challenge, one builds SEO rules in SEO Samba and disseminate them across any number of seotoaster CMS powered websites. This covers both on-site and off-site SEO with automated deeplinking across sites for instance.

    Di 10 nov 2009, 10:06

  • Hi Michel,

    Thanks for your additional information about your product. I strongly believe there is room for a powerful easy-to-use CMS system that integrates with the most important elements of online marketing, and, in particular SEM.

    Are you going to "sell" it through a partner network, or to end-customers also?

    Di 10 nov 2009, 10:28

  • SEO toaster is free of charge, open source and available for download starting 8 hours from now to everyone interested in it.

    SEO Samba is available on a subscription, per domain fee basis to everyone. It is also available as a private label platform for agencies and consultants with a digressive pricing structure. Now, when agencies private label SEO Samba, their brand and information also carry over to their portfolio of seo toaster powered websites, private labeling them as well in the process. Feel free to shoot me an email at michel at if you'd like a demo or discuss. Vegas may never need to sleep but I do :-).

    Di 10 nov 2009, 10:41

  • Thanks for adding to this Michel, hope Pubcon is fun! Sleep well :)

    Di 10 nov 2009, 10:51

    • SEO Services Company

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    Wo 11 nov 2009, 11:32

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