EveryScape? Have you heard of it?

Wed 28 October 2009 14:01, Jon Myers

EveryScape? Have you heard of it?

This is a site and a name I keep bringing up on a regular basis and it still seems that not a lot of people are aware of it. I first blogged about my thoughts on it on my blog just over 2 years ago now, we have watched Google develop their Maps and Street View offerings but….EveryScape? Have you heard of it?

So what is it and does it have any value in the current fast paced development of Google Maps and Street View? As Bas blogged about not so long ago Google is really pushing forward the Street View development with a Microsoft PhotoSynth type upgrade. This is nice to see and offers up a social and community aspect, but is it missing a commercial and business requirement in some respects!

Everscape for me was at the cutting edge of the market and was 2 years ahead of its time. It gives you Maps, high end virtual street imagery, Local Search marketing opportunities, the ability so step from the street into the building or business and even cool matrix type (I am a Geek!) transitions where you fly from point to point!


What I like about this is it enables you to step into a very intuitive and engaging environment to navigate around as Google street view does. But on top of this there are some really good “Local Search” listings to enable businesses to advertise with and there has been for years this functionality on Everyscape and it was only on Everyscape until August of this year when Google finally got round to installing Streetview, Google Maps and Local Listing all together and there is a great video about it here on YouTube:

OK so that is enough about Google as there are thousands of blog posts about them and this post is about the under dogs! The only limitations currently with EveryScape is their coverage, as you can imagine it does not have the ability or the mega bucks to send out cars all over the world to map like Google did so it is very US focused, I would hope this will change. But it does have coverage Google doesn’t, for example Street View coverage of the Great Wall of China!


Compared to Google coverage of zero! Guess they upset China and couldn't smuggle in a street view car!

Do think Coverage!

Ok so clear your minds and don’t think about the limited very US focused coverage at the minute and let’s look at this as a scenario for good old New York to show you what Everyscape can really offer to you as a user on both the interactive and virtual front but also as a Local Search Marketing perspective. This breaks down into 3 areas:

  1. Local Street View Quality 360 degree environment
  2. Maps listings and on street view brand and offer led integration
  3. Ability to step from the street inside the advertised business

Local Street View Quality 360 degree environment
The functionality to navigate around the street is very slick with good quality images and transitional matrix types zoom functionality. You can either put it on auto drive and let Everyscape take you round or you can drive and either move down the road yourself or use the map to jump to a point of interest.


Maps listings and on street level view brand and offer led integration
This is a big section for Everyscape and it offers you all the usual Local integration but quite a few bits more. The maps have points of interest and the ability to jump from one to another, they are also all categorised on the left of the screen into thing like points of interest, hotels, restaurant etc. This makes it easy to find what you are looking for. On the chosen location you can see reviews, images, videos and news giving you the social type integration. On top of this you can look to promote your business on the map, in the example below you will see the ability to get the company logo integrated and the couple of icons I have circled are the ability to promote you latest offers and tickets or videos of attractions and in this case the making of Beyonce (always worth a watch!). Really powerful Local Search Business Listings I think!


Ability to step from the street inside the advertised business
Right now for the extra special trick up the EveryScape sleeve. Imagine being able to step off the street and actually go inside the building in question? Well at Everyscape you can! Below is the example of Madame Tussauds that allows you to see the lobby and also some of the exhibitions.

As it is a European Search marketing Blog I thought it only best to focus the picture on Jean Paul Gaultier :)

And then a quick look at the main museum reception…..

Imagine the endless business uses for this in shopping, estate agents, cinemas and many many more.  Everyscape does push hard the ability for local businesses to advertise and take part and this has grown, but not at the pace that is required. We need more camera cars on the roads to map like Google Streetview. Ever wondered what an Everyscape car looks like? Well go on the streets of New York and navigate straight down :).


Overall if this was ever to gain the coverage it deserves world wide I think it needs to push hard the developer route and the social community route. This will allow the masses to drive forward the coverage and development as the technology really has some great functionality to offer that rivals Google Maps in everyway it just needs to gain the awareness in the market so I hope that with this post I have done my bit. Enjoy surfing the streets of Everyscape I know I have for years now!

So finally when anyone asks you “EveryScape? Have you heard of it?” you can say YES!

PS...I am in no way selling on behalf of EveryScape I just like the product!! :)

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