Linkedin Direct Ads: Searching for new personnel?

Thu 13 August 2009 11:00, Jaap Jacobs

Linkedin Direct Ads: Searching for new personnel?

Most search marketers have already heard about it, but they are not there yet. LinkedIn DirectAds, the advertising program of LinkedIn, (every self respected internet marketer joined and know Linkedin) is the outcome for job banks and other firms especially searching for high skilled personnel. With DirectAds you reach your specified target group. And you can start almost immediately!

What is the purpose of Linkedin DirectAds?
LinkedIn DirectAds is said to be interesting for small budgets. You select and reach a very specific target audience and started almost immediately after a credit card transaction. LinkedIn currently has a reach of 44 million members worldwide, of which nearly 1.3 million members within the Netherlands.

How does DirectAds works?
Making a DirectAds campaign is quite simple. You can create an ad in a few minutes and run it within your selected target locations. LinkedIn has its file so organized that you can select a number of criteria (with a max of 3).

The file of LinkedIn is divided into the following criteria:

  • Company Size,
  • Job Function,
  • Industry,
  • Seniority,
  • Gender,
  • Age and,
  • Geography

When selecting your target audience, you see immediately how many members you would reach. The minimum spending by creating an ad is $ 10 per day, but you can choose whether you want to pay CPM or CPC. This allows you create beautiful LinkedIn DirectAds campaigns with a strong focus on ROI.

How does a DirectAds ad look like?
A DirectAds ad seems almost the same as that of Adwords. The number of characters that an advertiser can use is exactly the same. 25 characters for the head. 35 characters for the ad lines and display URL. The only difference is that the display url is referred to your own profile or company profile. That is why it is likely that strong and prominent texts would result in better campaign results. Making a DirectAds campaign, by a great many similarities, seems to be an equal profession as that of Adwords marketers.


Currently it is unknown if LinkedIn applies a "Quality Score". We see that the CTR is significantly lower than Adwords. In that respect it has a lot of comparison with Facebook Ads. However so, the CPC costs and competition are much higher. The positioning of the ads plays the negative factor within this result. However, you have something great in return. Specified targeting hasn’t been better!



What is suitable to promote?
LinkedIn DirectAds is suitable for any kind of recruitment, services or products. You could consider placing ads for specific services, workshops, training events or the sale of a business-related product. LinkedIn DirectAds is easy to get started with and certainly worth testing. Until now, we have seen very positive campaign results!

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Comments (4)


    • Ed Gazvoda

    DirectAds by Linkedin is a scam and a ripoff. Don't waste your time or money.

    Di 27 jul 2010, 23:00

    • Ed Gazvoda

    Linkedi DirectAds are a scam and a ripoff. Don't waste your time or money trying them.

    Di 27 jul 2010, 23:26

    • Stuart Mathieson

    Beware LinkedIn DirectAds. They will cost you a fortune, like $20 per click!!
    The daily minimum spend is way to high and when you try and cancel, they still take $5 to hold as credit on your account - Scammers

    Wo 10 nov 2010, 17:57

    • Jonathan R

    Beware! Don't get caught out by the LinkedIn Ads promotions. - I recommend avoiding LinkedIn DirectAds.

    Just before Christmas 2010 I got a $100 promotional coupon emailed to me by LinkedIn to try DirectAds. I had to register my credit card with them for a $5 initial charge to open the account. A few weeks later I checked to see how the ad trial was going and found that over $250 had been taken from my credit card account (in four separate transactions) as the $100 coupon amount had been used in just a few days! I had received no notification from LinkedIn of any of these charges to my credit card.

    I have disputed this with LinkedIn and they say that the user agreement says they can charge the registered credit card for any amount at any time !

    LinkedIn refuse to accept that the promotion was unclear about charging and they point blank refuse to refund any of the charges. In fact they took a final
    $48 more after I asked for my credit card to be removed from their system. I never had any trouble like this with Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing.

    Don't fall for the marketing hype - save your money and avoid LinkedIn Ads.

    Ma 31 jan 2011, 16:30


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