Facebook is Just Not Cutting It

Wed 22 May 2013 11:45, Seema Sanghavi

A recent study from the Pew Research Center released yesterday found the today’s teens have lost enthusiasm for Facebook. In February the social network had warned its investors that the younger users were actively using other social media sites. So why is this happening? According to the study, teenagers are looking for something more real, more authentic. For Facebook, it’s not that teens are deleting their profiles, rather they are spending less and less time on the social network and more and more time on others. 

Facebook is Just Not Cutting It

According to the research, some teenagers said they preferred using other sites like Tumblr and Twitter because they did not have to portray a specific or false image of themselves and they didn’t need to interact with others they wouldn’t necessarily talk too. Some teenagers also commented on the amount of drama there is on Facebook and how they did not like it when people imply things, post things they wouldn’t say in real life and post unnecessary photos. Teens are tired of the stress of managing their online reputation and are annoyed when Facebook friends share thoughtless details.


Although Facebook may be losing the popularity test amongst teens, Twitter has seen an increase in teen signups over the past two years. According to the study, nearly 25% of all online teens tweet. With respect to the survey, over half of the respondents used Twitter. In fact, many teens find Twitter a simpler environment to function in socially. However, definitely worth mentioning, Twitter’s increase in popularity with teens is not necessarily at the expense of Facebook. Teens reported that they are not leaving the social networking giant but they feel weighed down by it since it is seen as an obligation rather than a platform where they want to spend time.


According to CNET, one reason why teens are less intrigued by Facebook is because of the increased adult presence. Additionally, although teens are sharing more, they are more careful on who they share with. Reported in the article, writer Cliff Watson explained how Facebook is like a class reunion and that is why teens don’t need it. He finds that adults use Facebook to keep up with what their friends are doing. For teens, they get all this information offline at school. Watson claims that for this reason, teens find Facebook boring. In regards to Twitter, teens relate it to texting but to everybody.

Whatever the reasons may be, losing popularity amongst the young crowd today isn’t good for any social network. Today’s teens are tomorrow’s adults. So, although not the best news for Facebook, this may be great news to Yahoo who just spent over $1 billion for Tumblr. According to yesterday’s New York Times, Tumblr is one of many sites that let people control and generate content and project identity. For teens, this may be more real with a little less drama. What do think? Does Facebook need to worry about its teen users? 


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Comments (10)


    • John

    It seems like teenagers just need a new hype every time. I think this is why facebook is losing traffic and users.

    Di 11 jun 2013, 19:45

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