Fed Up with Ads on Social Networks?

Wed 8 May 2013 16:05, Seema Sanghavi

In case you haven’t noticed, advertisements on social media sites are becoming more and more prevalent. The companies that advertise on your favorite social network have various reasons for doing so. Although some social networks claim that that the level of advertising is not having a negative effect on its users, many people are getting irritated with the number of ads they are seeing. Unfortunately for these users, the end of advertising on social networks does not seem to be on the horizon. In fact, the number of advertisements on these sites is predicted to be on the rise.

Fed Up with Ads on Social Networks?

Let’s take a look at social media giant Facebook. According to the Huffington Post, there are a few things that irritate most Facebook user: complaints about bosses, baby photos and ads. Users have complained that there are too many ads in their news feeds and because of the amount of ads, some have said that they no longer use the site the way they used to.

And what about the ever popular Twitter? In July 2011, users of the micro blog began to see a new breed of messages show up in their Twitter feeds: 140-character paid ads dressed up to look just like regular Tweets. Now, these promoted tweets along with their equivalents from other social networks are one of the fastest growing sectors of online advertising. Many are not a fan of pop-up windows and annoying animated banner ads and feel that their online space has been invaded.


According to research done on the US market, 91% of Americans reported seeing annoying ads and while email spam and junk mail seemed to get the most attention, ads on social media were also found irritating. In fact, a survey done on Americans found that 37% of the respondents feel that ads on social media sites to be the most annoying of all medias. Unfortunately, many people feel bombarded with the all the posts, tweets, and endless sales pitches.

Although many social media users would say they are irritated by the ads they are seeing on their favorite social networks, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly announced that the ads shown in the news feeds are not alienating its users. On the contrary, Zuckerberg said that its users took well to the sponsored posts and because of this warm reception users will see more ads in the future. While it’s easy to take this statement at face value, many could say it’s no surprise that a company that makes most of its revenues from ads would want to assure its investors.


At the end of the day, regardless of how some social media users are feeling towards the ads, they aren’t going anywhere. More and more businesses are using promoted tweets and sponsored posts because they work. In fact, according to media intelligence company Aggregate Knowledge, social networks and portals drove efficiency for brands with social networks delivering the highest quality users or those most likely to lead to conversions. The research found that social networks lead the way in their ability to consistently reach and market to quality users. The truth of the matter is that social media ads are more agile for businesses. It’s a lot easier to get a message out to a global audience and there is no need to invest thousands of dollars and weeks of time. Also, no special skills are needed to log in to these sites and create a promoted post and target your audience. Also, unlike traditional media platforms, ads can be shown to only those who will find it relevant. Companies are not investing in ads that will only be interesting to a small percentage of the viewers. Lastly, with the amount of users on social networks, it’s hard for companies to avoid this advertising medium. So if you are one of those who are getting annoyed by the ads on social media sites, you’ll just have to get used to it. In fact, Facebook has recently announced that it will launch video ads in its newsfeeds starting this July.


If you are annoyed by the amount of ads you are seeing, there is some sign of hope for you. In the coming weeks, Facebook will add controls to let users hide mobile ads if they want. The company has recognized that some users want to hide ads especially on a smartphone where they can take up a lot of the screen. The social network will add an X option for hiding content. So, if you are in any way irritated by the ads, this should at least ease the pain. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the advertisements on social media sites are too much and more should be done to stop irritating users?


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