Prepare Yourself For The New Look of Facebook!

Wed 13 March 2013 10:00, Vitto Christaldi

Facebook is coming with a new look, AGAIN! Three important changes in the new Facebook layout are: bigger images, multiple feeds for different interests and a more consistent user experience across all devices. The new layout has been available for users since last week Thursday, but users must first sign-up for it here and get on the waiting list.

Prepare Yourself For The New Look of Facebook!

Multiple Feeds

Instead of mixing all kind of contents (photos, locations, text updates, videos, links, and so on) in one feed, the new Facebook will feature multiple feeds that show particular posts.  

Users will be able to sort their news feed chronologically or filter it. They will be able to pick and choose what interesting stories they want to see, whether they like to see only pictures that their friends are posting, events that people are attending, and or music that people are listening. Also, Facebook will show trending articles that are most relevant to users based on the things they have liked in the past.

At the event last Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said “What we’re trying to do is give everybody in the world their very own personalized daily newspaper”.


Navigation Tray

When users arrive on the homepage, they will first notice the new black navigation tray on the left (that looks similar to the layout of Facebook mobile apps) and the “All Friends”, “Following” and “Photos” feeds on the right side. Users will also notice the lack of the word “Facebook” on the homepage.

The new navigation tray at the left side of the screen offers icons that link to all kind of Facebook activities; from photos to groups to chat to apps. The chat box that used to be put on the right side of the screen is now tucked in at the bottom of the new navigation tray. The familiar ticker that used to be in the right corner is also moved to the bottom of the navigation tray, but now it only shows one piece of content at a time.


(Image source: Mashable)

Larger Photos

Our news feeds have become filled with images in recent years and Facebook is hoping to make them more visually engaging. Therefore, in the new layout the photos will appear larger, as well as the text around them. Even the text in the comment boxes below the photos appears to be a little bit bigger than before.

Photos are not the only things that have grown in size: maps and news articles now also look larger in the new feed.


The Old Look (left) and the New Look (right)

Consistency across All Devices

The new layout is mobile inspired, which means users will see consistency across all platforms, from desktop to cell phone to tablet. The same design and navigation tricks are being used for all versions of the site in any platform. Even colors and fonts will be the same across all types of devices. Phone and tablet layouts will start to update within a few weeks.


The Music Feed

One of the new changes in the new Facebook is the music feed. In this feed, only music-related stuff and Spotify activities will be shown to the users.


(Image source: Mashable)

The “Following” Feed

The “Following" feed enables users to monitor the posts from brands and people that users follow. Christopher Cox, vice president of product at Facebook, said in an interview: ”The nice thing is that with the Following feed … you're going to have a place where people can go and check out the people that they're following. And it will be easier for a journalist to say, 'You want to see my stuff? Go here.'"


(Image source: Mashable)


In the new Facebook, ads will be allowed in the friends only feed. The organic (unpaid brand posts) will be put in the “Following” feed. However, as Business Inside wrote, companies will not be able to specify which feeds their ads appear in.

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Complaints and complaints …

Yes, yes, just as before, I predict that a lot of people will complain about the changes. For sure our news feed will soon be full of people shouting “I hate the new Facebook” or “I miss the old Facebook!” or “Another change and I will delete my Facebook!” Guess what, everyone will complain but no one will actually dare to delete their Facebook accounts! So better prepare yourself and accept the fact that Facebook will come up with new changes every year!

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