Singaporean Companies Rank Low in Social Media Performance

Fri 23 November 2012 10:00, Vitto Christaldi

Singaporean Companies Rank Low in Social Media Performance

Singapore, the Lion City. What about Singapore? Singapore is only about 710 km2, but here are some facts that you probably don’t know about Singapore: (1) Singaporeans are the heaviest users of social media, with 68.1% social media penetration, (2) Singaporeans are the heaviest smartphone users in the world per capita, (3) Singaporeans score more than 96% of the rest of the world in social media usage on mobile devices, and (4) Singaporeans are the biggest buyers of tablet devices per capita compard to any other Asian nations. However, according to the study done by Singapore based social media consultant RockPublicity, companies in Singapore rank low in corporate social media performance, which makes them miss out on potential sales of almost SGD 809 million (€ 515 million).

The poor social media performance is mainly caused by companies’ lack of social media strategy, not knowing how to target and take advantage of sales opportunities, ignoring communication by community members, bad brand image, as well as Asia’s generally late adoption of the medium compared to their Western counterparts. According to Leon Hill, CEO of RockPublicity, in the interview by Asian tech blog, e27, “Singaporean companies are either very slow to take up using social media as a tool for advertising and promotion, as well as customer relations and brand building”. 

Statistics show that 92,5% of Singaporean companies do not actively engage their followers. The average time those companies take to respond customers on Twitter is 17 hours 44 minutes and 16 seconds, while the average Facebook response time is 15 hours 12 minutes and 03 seconds. Another interesting statistic, 44,6% of Singapore firms do not respond to their customers, while 57,1% do not respond through Facebook. Due to this lack of corporate social media performance, the satisfaction level of Singaporean consumers towards local companies is reported quite low. SingTel, Starhub and M1, Pacnet, iCell and Telco average more than 1.700 negative mentions on social media each day.

Singaporean companies must take this report seriously because they do not know what they have been missing. According to the statistics, those companies on average missed 96,7% of sales opportunities each month from their low social media engagement.

Meanwhile, here are some funny statistics about Singaporeans, social media, and mobile devices, as quoted from the report by RockPublicity:

  • 39,0% Singaporean social media users who said they access Facebook  or Twitter do so at least once a month while on the toilet.
  • 21,7% Singaporean social media users admitted regretting posting something on social media while drunk
  • 9,1% Singaporean social media users said they found a date, met a partner, or entered into a relationship due to using social media in some way.
  • 3.567 Singaporeans who said they had accidentally destroyed a mobile device by dropping it into food or drink.
  • 43.2% of surveyed people said they had ‘stalked’ someone on Facebook in order to find out more information about them.
  • 55.1% of surveyed people said they had taken a photo of their food at least once and uploaded it onto a social network

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