How to use Social Media successful in just 10 minutes a day

Mon 17 September 2012 14:00, Aukje Ter Horst

If you want to use Social Media to promote your business and services it is crucial to keep an eye out for what is going on your different platforms. Not only what you are doing, but what are followers saying about you, what are your competitors doing to promote their business or what is being said in your area of business.

Let’s see if we all need to do this it could become a full time job. Of course you can ask a Social Media specialist to monitor and update your platforms on a daily base, but you can do it yourself, and all in just 10 minutes a day. All you need is Tweetdeck (or another tool like Hootsuite) and an account with Crowdbooster (or any of the many other monitoring tools available). To keep it short and simple I have focussed on Facebook and Twitter.

Check and respond to your mentions (3 minutes)
What has been said to you and respond. Interaction with your followers is an important aspect of a successful Social Media Strategy. A clear overview of all your mentions or interactions is given by Tweetdeck, including your new followers. You can connect your Facebook profile and page to tweetdeck as well.


Who has recently followed you (2 minutes)
A follow back is always good, but you don’t have to anymore. Follow them back if they are interesting, but don’t forget to welcome them! If you use tweetdeck this is also shown in you interactions or your Notifications (for Facebook).

Check what your competitors share with their followers (2 minutes)
No, you do not need to copy what they say, but it gives you an idea what others are up to in your business area. Search in Tweetdeck using the #.

This can help you to compose a better and more powerful update.

Place a tweet or update to share with your followers (or schedule one using Crowdbooster) (1 minute)
I love crowdbooster as it tells you when to best schedule/place an update. You can either schedule them in Tweetdeck or using Crowdbooster.


Last but not least: I check my Crowdbooster dashboard (2 minutes)
This to see how you have been doing the past day. But you can also see who your most influential followers are you can then connect/interact with. It also shows you how many people have been reach with your tweets/updates.


So there is your Social Media in 10 minutes a day! I use this for myself and my clients, and it works! Let me know what you think.



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