Polish & Dutch Like to Share Holiday Photos on Social Media

Fri 7 September 2012 10:00, Vitto Christaldi

Polish & Dutch Like to Share Holiday Photos on Social Media

Poland, the Netherlands, and the USA are the top three countries whose internet users actively share their holiday photos on social media the most, according to a study conducted by the biggest people search engine in the world, 123people.

The survey shows that nearly 60 percent of Polish internet users actively share holiday photos on social media; followed by the Netherlands (49 percent), the United States (47 percent), and Spain (44 percent). Social media have become our second life and therefore it is logic that people share their travel experiences. However, sharing vacation photos on social media can lead to serious consequences. “Many of us often forget that what we publish on internet can also be seen by our employers, teachers, or other people” said Remco Janssen, freelance online reputation expert at 123people. 


Percentage of social media users uploading holiday photos in different countries

Therefore, on their (Dutch) blog, 123people gave us some tips on how to safely share your photos on social media:

  • Think about your mother. If it is fine for your mother to see the photos, then most of the times it is also safe to be shared online.
  • Be careful when sharing photos through smartphones (in my personal experience, most “mobile upload” albums on Facebook are usually set to public)
  • Check all the photos you are tagged in. (Ask your friend to kindly remove the tag if you find yourself in the photos that can risk your job).
  • Control your privacy setting on social media and make sure the content can only be seen by  a selected audience.
  • Protect your online reputation. Control regularly all your information that is visible online, for example through search engines like 123people or Google. If you find photos that you do not want public to see, ask the website administrator to remove it.


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