The Best Time to Post on Twitter, Facebook, & Tumblr

Mon 25 June 2012 14:00, Vitto Christaldi

The Best Time to Post on Twitter, Facebook, & Tumblr

As a writer, most of the time I have the urge to share my blog post on Twitter/Facebook as soon as I put it online. Today I learned that in order to get lots of clickthroughs, I should not promote my article on Twitter on weekends; and that on Wednesday around 3PM is the best time for me to share my post on Facebook!

The information that I mentioned above comes from a study by the URL shortening service, bitly. The research shows how content goes viral through social networks, by tracking the metrics of bitly links that as they are shared. These are the results of the study for Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr:


Your best chance to get a high click count is on workdays (Monday to Thursday) around 1 to 3 PM. You should however avoid tweeting after 3PM on a Friday or on weekends; it appears that people do not even bother to check out the links you post after they finish working on Friday. 


The traffic of average links posted on Twitter (Source: Bitly Blog)

Moreover, in general, the peak traffic time for Twitter is around 9AM to 3PM from Monday to Thursday. However, it is not recommended to post a tweet around peak hours: “Posting on Twitter when there are many people clicking does help raise the average number of clicks, but it in no way guarantees an optimal amount of attention, since there is more competition for any individual’s attention. An optimal strategy must weigh the number of people paying attention against the number of other posts vying for that attention”.


The traffic of links coming from Twitter (Source: Bitly Blog)

You know what’s funny? In a way, the results actually show the peak time when people are most likely procrastinating during work, don’t you think?


Different social networks, different peak times. For Facebook, the highest average clickthrough rate comes from links that are posted between 1PM to 4PM, with Wednesday at 3PM as the peak time of the week. Same as on Twitter, avoid posting links after 8PM or before 8AM during workdays, and certainly during weekends!


The traffic of average links posted on Facebook (Source: Bitly Blog)

Although Facebook traffic starts to rise around 9AM, it is recommended to wait until 11AM to post. After 4PM Facebook traffic begins to fade. The traffic rates at 7 and 8PM are quite similar; however the analysis shows that postings at 7PM will get more clicks than postings at 8PM!


The traffic of links coming from Facebook (Source: Bitly Blog)


Tumblr does not follow the mainstream; it creates its own trend. While other social networks start to fade after 4PM, Tumblr begins to gain its traffic after 4PM. The study also shows that most clicks come from postings after 7PM. And while Friday night is not the most effective time to post on Facebook or Twitter, it is actually the best time for you to post on Tumblr!


The traffic of average links posted on Tumblr (Source: Bitly Blog)


The traffic of links coming from Tumblr (Source: Bitly Blog)

Keep in mind, all plots are based on EST (Eastern Standard Time – US & Canada), and most importantly, these data are meant to be guide and are not relevant for breaking news. Besides, these data might not be relevant to the types of content, business, and target audiences that you have. However, as bitly says, “It’s easy to see that just like your neighborhood restaurants, each social network has its own culture and behavior patterns. By understanding the simple characteristics of each social network, you can publish your content at exactly the right time for it to reach the maximum number of people”.

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