Litago’s interactive campaign–choosing your own milk flavor

Mon 7 May 2012 10:00, Qin Hu

Litago’s interactive campaign–choosing your own milk flavor

Litago, a flavored-milk brand from Norway, designed a creative campaign. It posted the question “What happens when you give the cows the power to decide what is produced with their milk? For this campaign, Litago wanted to gather the ideas of consumers’ preferred flavor, and chose the most popular one as the new flavor. 

Unlike other poll campaigns, Litago lets the cows choose the flavors, instead of consumers. In this case, the market research became an interesting and interactive game and the creative concept gathered more attention from consumers.

For the campaign game, a field is divided into 25 squares, each representing a flavor. Those 25 flavors were gotten from consumers’ votes, and the range is from Riskrem, chocolate with marshmallows, and even pancakes with syrup. There were 10 cows in that field. In order for a flavor to win, the cows must spend the most time in that square overall. In the end, the chosen flavor will be developed and sold. 

In addition, consumers also could interact with cows in order to let cows change their decisions. For example, they can use bananas to lure the cows, drive cows away by musical instruments, etc.

In order to keep track of everything, ten cows were hooked up to various monitoring equipment to show what squares they were in and for how long.  This is recorded and broadcasted in real-time online and automatically tallied (the video shows satellite technology being used).  The cows Tweet every time they change location, along with Facebook profiles and personalities developed for each cow.

In the end, a flavor with Norwegian traditional pudding tastes was chosen as the most popular among 25 flavors.

The concept is kind of the same as the Bobbi Brow Facebook campaign, rewarding brand loyalists and builds future purchases at the same time.

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