Repin your Facebook, Pinvolve for all

Mon 23 April 2012 11:00, Editors

Repin your Facebook, Pinvolve for all

Yippee ki yay. Starting today Pinvolve is available to everyone. Pinvolve is calling itself the 'bridge between Facebook and Pinterest,' for easy, fast content and picture sharing.

Pinvolve for all

When Pinvolve is in the middle as the bridge, sharing between Facebook and Pinterest takes about 3 seconds to ‘Pin It,' rather than the 3-5 minutes it used to take to download photos, upload, reload, get distracted, drink coffee, edit, rinse, repeat.

For about a month, Pinvolve has been available to Facebook business pages only. Pinvolve has been helping businesses and fans share their favorite products, pictures and content to Pinterest boards.

“Since the first launch of Pinvolve one month ago, more than 10,000 Facebook pages have installed it,” says CEO Stas Goferman on his Facebook page early Monday, April 23.

“Today, I'm thrilled to announce a new version of Pinvolve that is open to everyone (not only pages). Pinvolve lets you re-discover your Facebook and easily repin your contents to Pinterest,” says the public post from Goferman and the Bazaart team.


What can you pin from Facebook?

Open the gates. We can pin all of our content from Facebook to Pinterest. All of us, all of it, for free.  Oh, but why would you post all content in both places? Can Pinterest handle that amount of traffic? Surely there is an etiquette article waiting to be written on sharing and caring and what not to post to Pinterest.

To help us organize our own content, Pinvolve magically splits up Facebook content under these 8 headings:

News Feed     Photos     Links     Videos     Likes     Pages     My Friends     Friends Feeds

To send content to Pinterest, you just hover over the Facebook picture or post and the 'Pin It' button pops up. Click. Done. Here is what Pinvolve looks like when signing in with Facebook:


Who started Pinvolve and why?

Pinvolve was created as a sideline project by a new start-up company of four called Bazaart: CEO Stas Goferman, CMO Dror Yaffe, CTO Uri Kogan and Fashion Director Gili Golander. Right now, their Twitter followers are quality not quantity, but that is probably about to change.

“We are a young start-up focused on developing an innovative personalized fashion catalog for the iPad called Bazaart,” says the About section on the new web page for Pinvolve.

“As most of our attention is currently put into our product development, we felt the pain of having to maintain online marketing presence in Facebook as well as in Pinterest, so we decided to build a small Facebook application to help us to do so. That's how Pinvolve was originally created. Much to our surprise, without any advertising, people started adding the application to their pages, and it started spreading,” writes the Bazaart team.

Was George Takei part of the Pinvolve marketing plan?

Originally, in a previous article, we wondered if Pinvolve had involved Star Trek’s George Takei in their marketing plan, but it was really and truly just a happy accident. On Wednesday April 11, George Takei announced to his 1.6 million fans that he was using Pinvolve.


George Takei wrote to Search Cowboys,“It [Pinvolve] simply took all that I already do on Facebook and made it Pinterest-friendly, so Pinterest users could share and pin pictures right out of my Facebook Timeline."

"Given that I already spend so much time selecting pictures and memes for my fan base, any tool that allows me automatically to reach and enable more fans on more channels without adding to the time I spend on social media is a very welcome addition, indeed," said Takei.

See the full email and Takei's comments about Pinvolve, Pinterest and Facebook in the article: I can't get power...Pinvolve is too strong

CEO Stas Goferman was enthusiastic to hear about Takei’s post and comments, but he set us straight about their marketing budget. “You talked about this being our ‘slickest marketing maneuver,’ just wanted to tell that we haven't approached George Takei. We haven't spent a penny on marketing, word of mouth is working really great for us,” said Goferman. 


Pinvolve website
Get Pinvolve for your Facebook page
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(George Takei photo courtesy of George Takei and TomAtwood Photograpy)

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With Pinvolve making things so much easier, Facebook users will start sharing more content to Pinterest and will need to be courteous about privacy, picture and content ownership and copyrights.

  1. Will Pinvolve catch on with the average Facebook user?
  2. What are the pros and cons of more sharing between Facebook and Pinterest?


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