Really, it's not you. It's

Fri 20 April 2012 04:31, Editors

Really, it's not you. It's

About.Me is a one page personal profile, sort of like a giant clickable business card online. Community Manager Laura Gluhanich has some tips and tells why it's been a big month for

Why do you need

The beauty of is the big picture design and the one-stop-shop of all the virtual places you can be seen, heard, followed, connected, befriended, stalked and poked. is free. It’s pretty. It’s easy to set up a professional looking you.

With search, you can look for buddies, coworkers, high school crushes, or peers in your profession. You can prowl and creep through random profiles of random people on your computer or mobile, connect, link or just oogle and stare. has dashboard tools and statistics to monitor how many people have ogled you.

We asked what the most valuable tools are that users may not know about or don’t understand yet. “We just added a video explaining how to best promote your page at I'd love to see all users following the tips there,” says Laura Gluhanich, Community Manager at video tips summary

  • Put a link in your email signature.
  • Share your page on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.
  • Add a link to your Twitter bio, Linkedin profile, blog, etc.
  • Get free cards.

Who is using

AOL owners of the site probably say it’s for everybody. But might be most useful if you do not have time, money or skills to make a website to spotlight, highlight, brite lite what you do or who you are. Maybe that is almost everybody. “We have such an amazing mix of entrepreneurs from individual photographers to super models and producers. The is amazing to discover all of the talent,” says Laura.

You don’t have to be a photographer, reporter, actor or designer to be on Those people usually have stunning headshots to choose from. If you don't have professional headshots, offers its own background pictures for tastes from plain Jane vanilla to jalepeno jam. Before you consider the duck face shot of you in the bathroom mirror, use one of theirs. Peace.

Ideas for your page

Before you get started, Laura also suggests taking time to go through the site and watch the video to get ideas for your own page. “We rotate outstanding pages through the and Our advisors page is a great resource for user pages as well,” says Laura. And she's right, the team page also has some of the best people pictures. Should be really. 


Big month for

In April, put on its jet pack of coolness and re-discovery by launching the app on iTunes and getting a write up in the New York Times. Also this month, says Laura, “We're in the midst of a contest that will end with 5 college students getting amazing summer internships, including one with” 

iTunes app
Summer internship contest
Community Manager at

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