Do moms really trump other women on social media?

Mon 16 April 2012 16:00, Ramcy Simoons

Do moms really trump other women on social media?

Now here's an 'oh no you didn't' question that I really shouldn't have asked this morning at the breakfast table without strapping on my preverbal kevlar. Rebuttals followed as rapidly as my exit strategy but hey I am a marketer, so safely tucked away behind the SC research desk I started to gather some new intel to back it up or discard, so 'stats please help me out'.

After a simple Google search (is it ever not simple, sorry, note to self) I got something, courtesy of Performics, a marketing company owned by Publicis Groupe a.k.a. 'Godzilla' of digital and interactive communications with offices in 104 countries and 49K+ on their payroll (that's a lot of daily HR). Performics was so kind to drop new findings from S-Net called “A Study on Social Media Usage & Behavior last week.

Anxious to know what the preliminary conclusions were of the 3000 or so active U.S. social networkers they 'polled'? Ok, but hold on and let me give you some insight straight from Performics' CEO, Daina Middleton..

"Moms continue to take advantage of the little spare time they have by utilizing all the tools at their disposal.  This includes their mobile devices and social networks," notes Daina Middleton, Global CEO of Performics."Increasingly, as a segment of the social networking population, moms perception is their voice can be leveraged to influence, participate with, and promote brands."

Well this sounds very interesting, but here's the low down...

Moms are more likely to be active on social networking sites, in fact 16% more likely to visit Facebook daily, 46% more likely to visit Google + daily and 75% more likely than other women to trust information they receive from companies through social networking sites.

And it becomes juicier, especially for 'Mr. Commerce', because the study also reveals that moms are 34% more likely than other women to recommend companies/brands via social sites. With regards to discussing companies/brands on social sites after seeing an ad elsewhere the stats run up to 48%. And moms' likeliness to talk about companies/brands they follow on Facebook (24%).

Moms likeliness continues - link to a company/brand ad (23%), post a company/brand ad (53%), post interesting or relevant content about a company/brand (50%), make purchases (apparel, automobile, and travel) 54%, 64% and 46%. 
Ok, and the bottom line...brace yourselves: mom bloggers (we will be talking about them real soon in another article) control more than two trillion dollars worth of purchase power!!!

Personal note

Well the only thing I can say is WOW2, game over...Wish me luck conveying this info to the homefront...Have a great afternoon, roll Mommy cast please...

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