More advertisers are in favor of Pinterest

Tue 10 April 2012 10:00, Qin Hu

More advertisers are in favor of Pinterest

Pinterest has been growing rapidly into a worldwide topic of interest ever since its launchAccording to the most recent traffic statistic record from All Twitter from, Pinterest has had more traffic than Twitter for the first time, and even more than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn. In addition, Pinterest was listed as top 30 websites in America in February 2012. Actually, Pinterest had an amazing traffic increase of 600%, already last year.


Pinterest sees females as its main target customers. When you are on the Pinterest homepage, you can see all kinds of pictures about fashion, cosmetics, pets etc. This characteristic of the website attracts many advertisers who also target females, such as Kotex.


Kotex, a brand of feminine hygiene products, has started a promotion activity on Pinterest recently, which is also the first campaign conducted on the Pinterest platform. Kotex chose 50 female friends from its Facebook group who are also Pinterest users, and sent them pictures of gifts according to what they like. As long as they post the gift pictures on Pinterest, they will receive the real gifts.

No doubt, all these 50 females posted the pictures on Pinterest, and even on Twitter, Facebook and other social websites, which is a good promotion for Kotex.

In addition, Peugeot also launched a new promotion – Pin the car. People can find the missing puzzle pieces on Facebook or its official website, and pin them on their Pinterest page. The first one to complete all puzzles will win the real car.









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