Where’s the Pinterest button?

Thu 5 April 2012 10:00, Editors

Where’s the Pinterest button?

The power, hype and addiction of Pinterest has broken through the social media dam. So where is the damn Pinterest button for the do-it-yourself web page builders, bloggers, writers, photographers and visual content sharers?


We need a Pinterest button 

Sure you can find a Pinterest button and some blogs have “follow me on Pinterest” signs. But finding a set of social media icons with with with a Pinterest button is a frustrating paddle upstream.  

Fans, friends, family and foes should be able to easily pin exclusive, cleverly written and visually appealing content. Up-and-coming web designers, the little photo blogs, Japanese Lolita fashion blogs, male knitting blogs are all missing Pinterest buttons. 

All these blogs and bloggers have differing styles, tastes, and content. Right now, all these folks are searching for a complete matching set of free social media buttons. Including, of course, Pinterest, please and thank you. 

Is Pinterest really too new?

Seemingly, graphic designers haven’t yet caught up to the newness of Pinterest. Help us understand. How much more in your face and established does Pinterest need to become? We want to pin and promote our own pictures and quit copying other people’s crap. We need a button to encourage people to copy our crap.

Search any top list of social media icons, and Pinterest is most often embarrassingly missing. Why? All these lists have floated to the top of search engines over the days, weeks, months and now even years. Years and months before Pinterest. 

Popular social media icon lists without Pinterest

          ¥ 80 free high quality social media icon set

          ¥ The ultimate roundup of amazing free social media icon packs

          ¥ Pinterest list of cool social media icons without Pinterest buttons

But former trends from the last decade which are still around isn’t always the issue. The post of 115 creative and unique social media icon sets was published March 30, 2012. This list has gorgeous buttons but lacks Pinterest buttons made of denim. Nor can you find a super hero shaped button or a bejeweled flip flop button set with Pinterest. Those jumping on the Pinterest boat want bamboo wood grained buttons or crumpled paper styled buttons or 70s VW van buttons, too.

Need and unavailability 

Proving need and unavailability isn’t particularly useful. Finding current icon sets with Pinterest buttons is what we need. Since Pinterest has a strong, fierce fan base of females, it’s not so strange that one of first breakout list of buttons including Pinterest was from Mom Blog Central. Bless her.

Here is what you have to choose from. Here is what you have been waiting for. Just a list. Not a top 8 or hottest 80 or best recommended lists of all time. These are the first, smart, forward-thinking people who have added Pinterest buttons to their social media icon collections. 

8 social media icon sets with a Pinterest button

  1. Collection of sets on Mom Blog Central
  2. Multiple sets by Jelio Dimitrov 
  3. Natural/normal set by Debbie Campbell, Red Kite Creative 
  4. Round social media icons by Tony Thomas, Media Loot Designer  
  5. Hand drawn set by Stephen Nauman, Homestead Host 
  6. Hand drawn set by Brooke Franks, Coney Island California blog
  7. Minimal black and white set by Helen Gizi, One Extra Pixel.
  8. Sets in 12 colors by Carrie Koehmstedt, Carrie Loves 

Please add a link to more Pinterest-inclusive social media buttons in the comments. Bloggers, web designers, DIY website makers and the world need more choices. We want more Pinterest buttons. 

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