What are your priorities for shopping online?

Fri 16 March 2012 14:00, Qin Hu

What are your priorities for shopping online?

Having talked much about shopping online in the previous articles, I started to think what my own priorities are for online shopping. How many differences are there compared with other consumers? 

This idea triggered me to make a list of all factors that might or might not influence my shopping/ buying decisions. In order to compare the differences, I also asked some other people. 

My top 5 priorities:


Reviews on the website whether  about the website or about the products


The design of the websites

Product diversity

No surprise, price is the most important factor for me. But an interesting part is that if I get recommendations from friends, then the price is less important. Normally, websites with too many irrelevant Ads on their main pages give me a negative feeling, call it insecurity.

Only my opinion is not sufficient definitely. Here are also some other priorities from my friends.


Although price and product diversity are important factors, they all mentioned designs of website somehow as well.

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