#stopkony: Social campaigning for human rights

Fri 9 March 2012 22:20, Tom Scheffers

#stopkony: Social campaigning for human rights

You probably might have heard something about Kony 2012 and a smoothly produced video. The video was posted last Monday, march 5th. Since that day it has been viewed over 55 million times and  #stopkony is a trending topic on Twitter. Even  celebrities like Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey and P.Diddy support the story in their Tweets. Also in the Netherlands local influencers shared the video on Facebook and twittered about it.

The hype was started by an organization called Invisible Children. The story: An American guy who met a little boy in Uganda years a go, who told him the story of losing his brother, his unsafe life and a poor future because of the African warlord Joseph Kony. A story which is familiar for many Ugandan children.

The hype was started by an organization called Invisible Children. The story: An American guy who met a little boy in Uganda years a go, who told him the story of losing his brother, his unsafe life and a poor future because of the African warlord Joseph Kony. A story which is familiar for many Ugandan children.

Jason Russel (the American guy) wanted to help the boy and finally came up with this video in order to make a change, to help get this warlord caught and provide a better future for these African children. Take a look:


There a many different reactions and they vary from very positive to very negative. The use of these viral social media has quite some impact and that is what this video proves right now. As soon as the video got viral it got critical reflections as well. People started asking questions and attacking the producers of the video.

Here you can find a collection of some con's towards the video, according to critics around the world. Also Dutch Newspaper The Volkskrant wrote about the video, and the danger of what they call 'simplistic campaigning'.

In spite of the critics I think the campaign is successful. Why? Because the purpose of the campaign is to create awareness among a large global audience. In my opinion, having your video viewed over 55 million times in a couple days is what you can call a success! But hey, judge it yourself if you have watched the video.

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