More and More Students Finding Jobs through Social Media

Tue 21 February 2012 10:00, Vitto Christaldi

More and More Students Finding Jobs through Social Media

One third of students apply for jobs through social media, according to the article that I read on The research also mentions that 20 percent of Facebook users have attached their professional information (such as work experience and education info) to their Facebook profiles. Is it true that social media could help people find a job?

It is not a secret anymore that employers screen social media profiles of new applicants before they set up for an interview. And it is true, social media has become one of the effective recruitment tools.  The statistics say:

  • 9 out of 10 employers agree that social media offer solutions for selecting new staff
  • 86 percent of employers suggest applicants to customize their profile, so they have a clear picture of the ‘candidates’ skills
  • 80 percent of employers say they actually review the applicants through social media
  • One out of six people say they had once been offered a job through social media!

So job-seekers, make sure you have a “clean profile”! Maybe some suggestions for students who are looking for jobs:

  • Put a nice photo of you as the display picture of your social media profile. Never put drunk, embarrassing, or private photos as your display picture! 
  • Check the content of your postings and information on social media; in case you forgot to update your profile information since high school (teenage content can sometimes be embarrassing, unrelated, or different to what you have become now)
  • Check the privacy settings of your social media. Even though you want your future employers to check your profile, you are still entitled to your privacy!

In an other article, I found out that 40 percent of the college students and 45 percent of the young employees said they would accept a lower-paying job that had more flexibility with regards to device choice, social media access and mobility, rather than take a higher-paying job with less flexibility. Wait, WHAT? Has social media become that important that students and young employees prefer to take a lower salary, so that they are able to chat on Facebook during work hours? I find the result a bit crazy. What do you think?


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