Clik – a new You Tube Remote

Mon 20 February 2012 10:00, Qin Hu

 Clik – a new You Tube Remote

If you are a heavy YouTube user and want to enjoy YouTube video in the same way as you watch TV at home, then here is something nice for you – a YouTube remote.

When you Google remote app for YouTube, probably you will see several apps available. Which one is the best? 

Personally, I prefer the new remote called Clik. By using this, you can browse YouTube videos on your phone and control to play them on any browser. Simply download the free Clik app via AndroidMarket or Apple Store. No other software or hardware is needed. After you have the app, you can connect it to the browser you want to control by scanning a QR code at

Within a second after you scan the QR code, you will see the YouTube interface on your phone. Then you can control which videos play on the browser, pause them, adjust the volumes, and even favorite them. In addition, your friends can also connect to the same screen, and everyone can bring in their own favorite videos.

Ted Livingston, Clik CEO, says “It’s like if you had a CD collection and I had a CD collection and we play it on the same player.”

He also mentions “We really want to do to TV what apple did to the phone. We will launch an API where any developer can develop for this platform.” This also indicates Clik’s future aspirations, which is definitely beyond only YouTube.

Games also can be one of the opportunities for Clik. Take WanderPlayer as an example, it owns an app with the similar idea in the app store, which is based on controlling browsers with smartphones. But it focuses on games.

After playing with Clik for a while, I had a lot of fun. “You should walk over to someone’s computer, tell them to go to the site, take control of their computer, and see how they react. It’s really cool,” Livingston says. “You’ll see what I mean when you try it” 


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