Jackie & Rihanna

Wed 21 December 2011 16:01, Vitto Christaldi

Jackie & Rihanna

JACKIE Magazine, the Dutch glossy magazine, became the hottest topic a couple of days ago for its article in issue 49 page 45, which referred to the singer Rihanna as “de ultieme niggabitch” (the ultimate nigga bitch). This choice of inappropriate words (read: “racist slur”) had naturally caused angry and in some cases hateful reactions through social media and blogs, including Rihanna herself.

In her tweet, Rihanna expressed her feeling to Eva Hoeke, the editor in Chief of JACKIE Magazine, saying “I hope u can read English, because your magazine is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights! I find you disrespectful, and rather desperate!! ... You put two words together, with the intent of abasement, that made no sense. "NIGGA BITCH"?! Well with all respect, on behalf of my race, here are my two words for you FUCK YOU!!!”. Clearly Rihanna was very pissed off, and so do thousands of people who retweeted her tweets! It is of course not difficult for Rihanna to get people to help her to attack JACKIE Magazine back, for she has more than 10 million followers on Twitter and almost 48 million fans on Facebook!


So how did JACKIE Magazine react on social media with regards to this negative publicity?

Eva Hoeke's first and only reaction on Twitter to the negative reactions was to say “Twee dingen geleerd. 1: geen slechte grappen in het blad plaatsen. 2: niet doen alsof een slechte grap goed is. Sorry, jongens. My bad.” (translation: Two things have been learned! 1: Do not put bad jokes in the magazine. 2: Do not pretend as if a bad joke is good. Sorry guys, my bad). Honestly, I do not think one respond is enough to ease the disappointments that public have towards the magazine. Besides, the tweet does not show how sorry JACKIE Magazine was, although I know they must have felt really bad. For me, it also shows that Eva and her crew underestimate the power of social media!


Following the “linguistic accident” is the resignation of Eva Hoeke as the editor in chief of JACKIE Magazine, and the take down of some parts of their website, such as “Family” and “Blog”. According to what I see in the Google Cache, “Family” part used to show all the data information of editors of JACKIE Magazine, including their email addresses. My speculation, they must have received tons of emails the last couple of days, that is why they removed that part of the website.


So what do you need to do before similar problems happen to your blog/magazine? Here are the tips from us:

  • Research ‘worldwide’ connotations extensively 
  • Research how influential the person(s) is/are on social media (likes are simple to count right?)
  • Set up a reputation management strategy in case the ... hits the fan

Lastly, I think Eva's resignation is unnecessary and a premature decision, because I believe this accident will not last too long. Besides, bad publicity is good publicity; right? 


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Comments (2)


  • Good write up. This one will certainly go down as a classic social media ****storm. It has all the ingredients for it - celebrity, fashion, racial slur, too quick response. The article in the magazine itself is obvious satire...But too inspired by 'geen stijl' in my view and that says enough for a fashion magazine. As has been shown before - your social media presence (even personal) and the product/business you represent are one and the same! I too agree that her resignation is premature but can you imagine the flak that she and her organization has had to endure? Oh and Google never forgets...

    Wo 21 dec 2011, 16:18

  • I think its unbelievable that the Jackie Redaction didn't react the way they should: "Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry, and we'll rectifie it all etc". They made it worse.

    But at teast they now now the power of Twitter :)

    Vr 23 dec 2011, 11:31


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