Publish Sync – a great App for Cross-posting with different

Wed 21 September 2011 13:57, Qin Hu

Publish Sync –  a great App for Cross-posting with different

Do you have more than one social media site? If so, have you ever thought about whether it is possible to share feeds on different sites automatically? Personally, I have been thinking about this possibility for a long time. As an oversee Chinese, I use Facebook, Twitter, etc. for my social life abroad, and also share updates on local Chinese social media sites (RenRen and Sina Weibo) with my friends who are in China. I really do not like to type the same text - basically sharing the same message -  many times on different sites.  However, I found a great App, Publish Sync. So if you have the same problems as me, this is something for you.

Publish Sync is a Chrome extension that gives you the flexibility to post the same things to one or all of your other social networks at the same time. How convenient! Just simply install the App, then you will see an icon (looks like a plant)  on your chrome window.


You can see all different social media sites icons as well. The accounts can be set up by clicking on the icon of Publish Sync. I was surprised by the Sina Weibo icon (the one after Twitter).

After you sync it with your social media accounts, you will see those additional share options. For example, here is my Google+ account.


I have tried all my accounts and the App works well most of the time. However, it is still not 100% stable. For instance, I could not successfully sync my Sina Weibo account this morning, which means I could not share my Google+, Facebook or Twitter feeds to Sina Weibo site. That's why the Sina Weibo box is gray in the first picture. But my Sina Weibo account showed me the cross-posting function. Around 2 hours later, it worked again (see the third picture).


Furthermore, my Facebook account could not share new feeds with Google+ today (it worked before). I do not know if it is a temporary situation like Sina Weibo or not. Personally, I hope not.

In addition, Publish Sync misses one popular social media site, RenRen. I am a bit disappointed with it, since RenRen is as much important as Sina Weibo in China. If a RenRen account can be put in, I think  the App will be adding more value to overseas Chinese.


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