Facebook pages for B2B companies

Wed 10 August 2011 09:47, Qin Hu

Facebook pages for B2B companies

I think Facebook for Business is a great idea. Companies can fully use the tool as a powerful promotional channel, and already an increasing number of them are incorporating Facebook into their marketing strategies. In order to know more details, I started to research successful examples on Facebook pages. I noticed that most are B2C companies. How about B2B companies? Are they also active on Facebook pages? 

Apparently, some of B2B marketers have already noticed the trend on Facebook pages. Of course, I think many of them are still doubting whether social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can be added into their marketing plans.

In my opinion, B2B companies should not ignore the Facebook pages. Actually, it provides a platform for those B2B companies to express their ideas to the people who like them. Furthermore, B2B companies also can collect feedback and create another communication channel with their customers on Facebook pages. The most important USP might just be the fact that Facebook pages can also improve companies' chances of being found by search engines. (Business2Community.com)

However, are there any things that should be taken into account when B2B companies are creating Facebook pages? The answer is: 'of course'. Here are some suggestions.

  • Use offline and online marketing to attract more fans. We all know how important those “likes” and fans are. Increasing fans of a company indicates its exposure increases. 
  • Emphasize your offline marketing efforts. Let fans know companies' TV ads, coupons, samples, etc. By doing this, the companies show their support and help their distributors as well. They also can let their fans know when they will be attending and or sponsoring events and charities.
  • Stay active on your wall. It is very important for companies to keep the front pages of Facebook pages interesting, because they will affect participation and commenting. Companies should also post something with interesting content to their fans frequently. Whenever their fans leave any comments, it's better to respond quickly.
  • Use other media. Companies can post some photos, videos, etc. or add links of other Facebook pages to increase the interests.
  • Always provide positive message. No one will care about company problems on Facebook pages. It is good enough to keep the comments positive, short and relevant. Be careful for negative posts. Make sure companies follow through quickly and show attention and respect to all those negative comments.
  • Keep interaction with fans. All companies' fans probably can become consumers. So all fans' feedback and advices are really precious. B2B companies also can use Facebook pages as a platform to generate more ideas for future R&D sources.

Well, I hope the suggestions are helpful. In order to know how to apply these tips in practice, we will have a look at some successful examples.

Cisco and Salesforce Facebook pages are always used as examples. Both companies do a great job to make their Facebook pages interesting. Cisco is very clever to add links of its other Facebook pages and links of other places to find them on the internet. 


Unlike Cisco, Salesforce posts many photos, videos, including recent conferences on its Facebook pages. 


Hubspot Facebook pages fully use the comment function. Hubspot provides the content which makes people comment. All these comments will be shown up in people's profiles and with the revised Facebook News Feed, updates with more comments are more likely to show up in fan's information streams.


If you do some more googling work, you will find many other examples. There are many B2B companies enjoying the benefit from Facebook pages. If you have a B2B company, and do not want to fall behind, then it is time to hurry up and launch your B2B Facebook pages.

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