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Thu 28 April 2011 11:49, Vitto Christaldi Social Media for Fitness and Sport Enthusiasts

Nowadays you can find all kinds of social media on the internet. From social media for food (Foodspotting), to entertainment (GetGlue), beers (Untappd), and many more. But are there any social media for sports? Yes, it is called, a social media for fitness and sport enthusiasts. was founded recently in November 2010 by Denny Santoso (who is also the CEO of Ultimate Nutrition Indonesia) and indeed, is targeting “gym-maniacs”out there. In the site, there are a lot of features that can be helpful for sport enthusiasts, which I will discuss later. You can also share tips about sports, workouts, healthy foods, and supplements. Because it was founded in Indonesia, most of the users share the tips in Indonesian. But don't worry, the whole site is in English; although there are still some “grammar mistakes” here and there.


The red circles show some grammar mistakes on the homepage


Here is the list of unique features that has:

  • Body Progress: In this feature, users can fill in their body stats (height, body fat, and measurements for arms, hips, etc) and update it regularly to see the progress. Users can even upload their pictures regularly at “My Progress Picts”, so the progress is visualized.

  • Blogs: Contains blogs about workouts, written by users

  • Events: It contains lists of sports events (in Indonesia).

  • Fitness Center: In this feature, users can browse lists of gyms nearby (in Indonesia)

  • Video: Contains workout videos, uploaded by users.

  • Workout: In this feature, users can see the lists of workouts for abs, arms, back, chest, legs, neck, and shoulders. Users can also find and share workout tips at “Browse Workouts”. The most interesting part in this feature is the “Training Log”, where users can fill in the workouts that they are doing and share the results.



  • Timeline: In the timeline, users can share tips and ask questions about fitness and sports. Just like Facebook or Twitter, users can also share their thoughts (it is interesting to see that somehow the topics in the timeline are all about sports; no one is spamming others with unrelated topics).

Besides all the features, also has Sixreps Passport. It is basically an “ID-card” for netizen (internet citizen), which will be valid after the joint venture with Ultimate Nutrition, Inc. is completed. In the future, this “passport” can be used to get certain benefits. (source: DailySocial)


Talking about benefits, is working together with Men's Health Indonesia and international chain of fitness centers, such as Gold's Gym and Clark Hatch (branch in Surabaya, East Java). They also cooperate with local fitness services like Elite Club Epicentrum, so 16.000 users of in Indonesia can already get many benefits by joining this social media; and that is only just in the first five months after the site was launched! I personally see the potential of this site becoming big in the future; they just need to fix some of the grammar mistakes. What do you think?


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