Guest blogging for dummies

Tue 11 May 2010 14:06, Stijn De Meyere

I’m a relatively new face on this blog, and blogged here for a while, and I thank the owners of it to have given me the opportunity to be here. I’ve been following, to my stupefaction, what has been going on here the last few days, so I wanted to talk about guest blogging. When people invite me to guest blog, I thank them. Not because I can use the exposure or links, but because they think I can add value to what they do.

It’s standard practice that the people who invite you to blog, ask for a biography that is placed at the bottom of each post you write. It contains a brief explanation of who you are and what you do. It also contains a link, sometimes two or three. The link(s) can change.

Why do people usually guest blog?

  1. For personal branding purposes
  2. To satisfy their ego
  3. To create incoming links to whatever online property they want (I guess that’s the part the readers of this blog understand most, as I suppose you’re in the SEO industry)
  4. Because they have something to sell
  5. Out of a desire to share and communicate (also known as Mother Theresa)

I’ve seen all kinds of guest bloggers come and go everywhere. Some went once they had built their personal brand to start their own thing. Some went when they had their Pagerank. That’s life. I still have contacts with each and everyone of them. That’s a lesson this old bloke learned in life: never close a door or burn a bridge for ever. 

Which brings me to what’s happening here. As far as I understand, the owners of this blog had a publisher who left the building and started a blog somewhere else. That’s life. 

After the departure of that publisher, who I don’t know personally (just his name and we once "talked" here), it seemed that life stood still a bit. A lack of communication, questions, you name it. I guess people make mistakes. That’s why they are people. I also understand that the owners of this blog started looking for a publisher. Don’t worry, it will not be me.

The departure of that publisher must have been a shock. I went through the stats on the blogger page and saw (if the numbers are correct) that he posted 591 articles, that’s quite a bit.

On the second place comes Barry Adams with 29 posts (hi Barry, we’ve met online, remember?).

Third ranks Roy Huiskes (congrats Roy) with 22 posts. 

All the other guest bloggers did less than 20 posts. That’s cool, we all have things to do. 

What surprised me quite a bit is that yesterday I saw two blog posts from people saying “Goodbye Searchcowboys”. It seemed to be their first posts, again, if the stats on the page I just mentioned are right of course. Maybe you posted more, guys?

Anyway, the bottom-line is that the former publisher was responsible for over 90% of the posts. That’s a lot.

Now, I will not go into details here about who has made what mistake, whether there are new bloggers, as I read, that “spam” or not, etc.

Media in transition

What I do find strange is that the people that have been granted access to this blog, as guests, all of a sudden post “Goodbye” posts while I really have to look hard to find something valuable they have written recently (in fact I don’t find any other recent posts at all, but, again, are the stats I see right?).

I guess the people who own this blog have made mistakes as well. I don’t know. What I do know, however, is that the fact that they tolerate posts that downright destroy the reputation of this blog in a difficult time, makes them extremely tolerant.

When I have someone nagging about all the things that go wrong, I send them away until they come back with a solution. Then I reward them. That’s called management. 

When you are invited to guest blog you either say “yes” or “no”. However, when the host (since you’re a guest) is in trouble you don’t use your access to destroy him. 

And as I said before, in life you don’t close the door forever. You never know in what circumstances you meet someone again, later.

To Barry (I don’t "know" the others): you wrote a great post there. And I’m sure you worked your ass off with 29 posts but is there really no one who writes for this blog that could try to contact the owner or even knows who he is?

Was the former publisher really the only one that knew the owners? I suppose that, in that case, it would have been normal that he introduced his team (since he ran the show) to the owners to assure a decent transition? So I suppose that has happened? I mean, you don't want your CV to mention that, as a publisher, you didn't do that? So I suppose that all guest bloggers have been properly guided through the transition process? That's management for dummies.

Before you start spitting your – probably destructive - comments, one more thing: guest blogging and blogging is about respect. I don’t see the respect here. I never ever knew a group blog where the "bloggers" openly destroyed the brand. That's the most horrible thing you can do and is really social media and reputation management for dummies.

Now, fire away, I'm used to it since the day I put my first post here (and that was after the publisher left). Maybe I'll start blogging more again here, despite the lack of time.

Update: just received a DM from Mr. Roy Huiskes stating that the former publisher did a decent transition. I did not say he didn't. I just wondered. Now that Mr. Huiskes was so kind to clear this up for me (and this is not meant to be ironic because Mr. Huiskes seems to be a gentleman) the only question that seems left is why there are no posts since the publisher left. Or am I making the same mistake again and have all the bloggers who deleted their posts after that transition continued to blog. What a puzzle. The only point I made was that destroying the reputation of a brand while having access to the core of that brand, in this case its blogging system, is simply not done.

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Comments (19)


  • Since you asked for it":

    1. There is a big difference between a guest post and a regular contributor. As you're new to blogging I won't hold that against you.

    2. The two bloggers you refer to actually had dozens of posts on SC, but they chose to delete them all except for their last 'goodbye' post. That is their prerogative as it's their content. So your entire argument against these two guys falls apart. If you'd been a more regular visitor to SC you'd have known this.

    3. I did try to contact the owners once, and I got was a "we'll look in to it." I don't like to repeat myself, and to be honest I was curious to see how they'd handle Bas's departure. The answer is: badly.

    To summarize: keep your nose out of things you know nothing about, Stijn.

    Di 11 mei 2010, 14:34

  • Stijn, just so you know, both Evert and Martijn had more posts than just 1 post, they just deleted all their content, I assume because they didn't want to be associated with Searchcowboys anymore.

    I tweeted yesterdat that all my posts were now by "editors", that seems to have been fixed as I've gotten my posts back now.

    There's no use in waging a war here, SC was a great blog, and could potentially still be. First thing I'd do if you want that to happen, is to take this discussion offline and reach out to those who were obviously hurt by what happened. There's tons of emotion in all this, mostly because most people here blogged because:

    A. they liked doing it
    B. they liked Bas
    C. they thought this was the best place to share an idea
    D. all of the above

    You see, I was blogging here (though only rarely) because I know both Bas and Henk well, and actually like them both. Bas has chosen another path, and has always been very kind about both the SC owners and the bloggers. He never intended to hurt it, he just wanted to do things differently (I think).

    Anyway, please, take this discussion offline, go have a few drinks together, respect each others feelings and try to explain why YOU did what you did. When that's all said and done, let's see if there's a future left for SearchCowboys. If not, well, that'd be a pity, because that'd mean everyone loses.

    Di 11 mei 2010, 14:38

  • Stijn, please do your homework properly. A simple query in Google will do.

    Di 11 mei 2010, 14:40

    • Stijn De Meyere

    1. Regular contributor? Please define. New to blogging? No comment.

    2. Well, then that's their prerogative, I wrote in my post "according to the stats"

    3. BS, I saw that you tweeted with the owner.

    To summarize: who the hell do you think you are, Barry, to tell me to keep my nose out of things? New or not.

    You have freedom of speech, so do I.

    Again: you don't know what respect is.

    It was like that since the first posts I did here. You know what it is?

    Many of the old bloggers are a closed group of egotrippers and do everything to get newcomers out.

    That's why I stopped blogging here and I see that nothing has changed.

    It's pathetic.

    Di 11 mei 2010, 14:42

  • Stijn, again, I urge you to take these discussions offline. This isn't helping anyone.

    Di 11 mei 2010, 14:45

  • Dear Stijn,
    maybe you should investigate first before you post. You're a search marketer so I think you know how to use the Google Cache right?

    Oh... by the way look at this page:

    I think how the Searchcowboys owners treated our content and especially how they treated us (no messages, no help from a technical point of view, no comment spam deleting and letting link droppers do postings, also when we informed them about these issues) is without respect! I think this post says it all:

    Di 11 mei 2010, 14:45

    • Stijn De Meyere

    Well, deleting your posts as a sign of protest is really..., well, never mind,...

    "They liked Bas", there you have it again. And, by the way, taking this discussion offline? Who started thrashtalking this blog online and INSIDE the blog in the first place?

    So, please, don't lecture me.

    Di 11 mei 2010, 14:46

  • I don't think throwing a temper tantrum here in the comments is doing your case any good, Stijn. Maybe you should follow my advice on twitter and take this post offline, as it's painfully obvious to everyone you really don't know what you're talking about.

    If you want a discussion about the facts, instead of idle speculation and your own flawed uninformed interpretation of what happened, I believe you have my email address.

    Di 11 mei 2010, 14:49

  • Stijn: I too am a victim of my own emotions sometimes, and if I made mistakes I'll happily admit to them. The only thing I remember is calling out some link spammers, which I indeed did in the open, and perhaps shouldn't have.

    Still: this would be better handled with a beer, in a pub, without camera's or live bloggers present :)

    Di 11 mei 2010, 14:50

    • Stijn De Meyere

    @all : well, forgive me for not having been part of your club since the beginning. No matter what you say and no matter what happened in the past: my opinion stands. You don't use your access to a medium to trashtalk it. That's called respect and a conscience. I rest my case since as always it's 1 against 37 or something.

    You don't want to know what I would do if I ran this blog. To those who closed the door: go in peace.

    Di 11 mei 2010, 14:52

    • Martijn

    he who feeds peanuts gets monkeys

    Di 11 mei 2010, 14:55

    • Stijn De Meyere

    If the publisher decides to take it off, then it's taken off.

    Anyway, I have great news for you and you will be so happy: the people of Click Consult, that I have been solliciting along with many others to contribute to this blog after Bas was gone, have decided to stop so you can all rest in peace.

    Di 11 mei 2010, 14:55

  • Stijn,

    we are not a closed group. Before Searchcowboys we never even met (okay, I knew Martijn, Yoast and Roy, because we used to work for the same company). But Bas brought all of us together and made us enthousiastic for this project.
    When you joined Searchcowboys, I was hoping that you were the chief editor and actually we were all asking "who is that guy". We thought we would get an e-mail from Henk explaining who will be in charge of Searchcowboys and what will be the future of Searchcowboys.... nothing.

    You are right about one thing: Bas did write over 90% of the content, so he is the one who made Searchcowboys where it is now. And I think, myself and a few others supported him.

    The only thing is that we don't want some spammers (and I didn't mean you!) abusing this reputation.

    Like I wrote in another comment I prefer blogging on two blogs, not only on State of Search. And we tried to discuss the future of Searchcowboys, but we never got any answers.

    Di 11 mei 2010, 14:58

    • Stijn De Meyere

    OK. As I just said: the people of Click Consult stop. So I've been recruiting new people in vain, everybody is happy, hurray.

    I took the discussion away from the blog. Now I read Barry's great tweets and retweets that's he's doing since days about the "exodus" on SearchCowboys and the end of etc., taking some insults with it, respect.

    Di 11 mei 2010, 15:06

  • Thanks for referring people to my twitter feed Stijn, I'm getting quite a few new followers out of it. :)

    Oh, and respect is earned, not given. Obviously you haven't earned it.

    Di 11 mei 2010, 15:18

  • Personally I stopped twittering about it, because it gets annoying for my followers. But it's good to hear that they decided to stop. It's also logical that they stop, because obviously they were only interested in dropping links.
    Since you took their optimized links out of their posts for them there's probably no reason to continue blogging on SC.
    It's a pity that I had to wake the whole thing up with a Goodbye Post, but we tried communication first.
    Now I suggest the same what Yoast suggested and find some good bloggers!

    Di 11 mei 2010, 15:25

  • @ Evert who (and how) have you been trying to contact then?

    Di 11 mei 2010, 15:33

    • Stijn De Meyere

    Welcome Barry and thank you for your wisdom. I'll treasure it and carry it with me.

    Di 11 mei 2010, 15:36

  • @JeroenDC: The first time I asked about spamfilters to fight the comment spam and the issues with the wrong language of the banners on the site was more than one year ago.
    About the linkspammers posts I commented here:
    and wrote a mail pointing to these problem and sent it to the owners of SC.
    And about the non-communication strategy of the owners... well, I didn't communicate that, because I was waiting for a communication from the other site. Like all of us did (except for the new bloggers of course)

    Di 11 mei 2010, 19:57


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