Search engine marketing: let’s broaden our horizon

Fri 26 February 2010 14:43, Stijn De Meyere

Search engine marketing: let’s broaden our horizon

As search engine marketers we are specialized, besides in SEM as such, in traffic building, writing effective text ads, conversion and even web analytics. Lately, I have been talking to several SEM companies and there is no denying: most of them are repositioning themselves. They become ‘conversion agencies’ and sometimes even go much further.

The impact of social media has a lot to do with these shifts. Just as we are talking about long-tail keywords, social media marketers are talking, besides community and branding, about search, traffic and conversion.

The long-tail effects of article marketing are huge. And so are the effects of social bookmarking and many other forms of social media marketing.

Twitter, at least for now, has an important impact for brands regarding search.

Content marketing, article marketing, blogs, putting guest posts on other blogs and social bookmarking are, besides all their community and branding aspects, enormous sources of incoming links from high-ranked web sites.

As we all know, incoming links from relevant web sites with a high traffic rank are important in SEM.

When I see what social media marketing experts are doing from a traffic, link building and SEM perspective, I say it’s time that we, the search engine marketers start embracing social media and broaden our horizon.

That’s why today I joined the Social Marketing Forum community and today started a group on Social SEM there. I hope to meet you there too.

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  • pi send me exlent programing net work
    and iam joining in market AND WORK ED HARD OK SIR

    Vr 26 feb 2010, 16:12

    • mobilemob

    Wow, how fast can you turn a good site which always was a well respected news site and turn it into pure rubbish and personal promotion site...

    Za 27 feb 2010, 16:23

    • Stijn De Meyere

    Hi mobilemob, can you tell who you are so we can talk instead of readin your cheap arguments (well, in fact no arguments at all). BTW: DC was never a news site, where did you get that idea? Looking forward to talk, my anonymous friend.

    Za 27 feb 2010, 17:01

    • Stijn De Meyere

    I meant SC of course :)

    Za 27 feb 2010, 17:03

    • mobilemob

    You are as anonymous as me Stijn, you never introduced yourself to the readers, you just start inviting us to groups. I have no interest in being other than anonymous, I'm better of surfing the web anonymous. Why can we only talk if you know my name? You however are a writer here, you choose to be not anonymous. 

    You want readers to join a group, another one, like millions of other groups on the web. But as a 'social media fan' as you claim to be you should know that to get people involved you have to first get them to know you. This is far from a social effort. The 'cheap' one here is not me but you.

    I always came here for the news, as I suspect many others did too. Have you even read the site before? The fact that you use this site, which was a well respected resource for many, to promote your own groups is simply an insult for the readers.

    I for one am gone. Good luck with your groups and the site

    Za 27 feb 2010, 17:27

    • Stijn De Meyere

    OK mobilemob, I respect your desire to remain anonymous. After all it's a free world, right? By the way, I didn't say YOU were cheap. I said your arguments were. If you like to call me cheap and get personal, that's fine. Too bad we can't talk. Well, it's your choice. I'm a blogging dude having fun and hoping some people like what I write. Too bad you're not among them, I'm not perfect. Still a pity you're anonymous though. Makes me a bit suspicious. Well, enjoy your week-end, I'm writing another post now. Probably it will not be good. I try, what else can a man do? Farewell, my friend.

    Za 27 feb 2010, 17:38

  • Hi Stijn,

    I'm not going to comment on the above, I have never met you before so will not judge you. BUT what I am a bit puzzled about is how several blogpost that was posted by Bas van den Beld now has your name or just Editor on them. NOW that is not cool. I am hoping this will be rectified and changed back. I'm also a bit worried this will happen to my content, can you reassure me?

    Ma 1 mrt 2010, 11:34

    • Stijn De Meyere

    Hi Lisa, I'm a bit puzzled here too now. Can you give me an example of a blog post by Bas that carries my name????? Why would I do that for? About the 'editor' part, I have no clue and check this with the owners. For the record: I'm not managing SC, I'm just blogging. I don't think you need to worry about your content. If there is a single post you do and that doesn't carry your name, please tell me. I mean, Barry is still posting and his posts are signed Barry, so? But, really, if you see a post that was written by Bas and now mentions me as the author, please tell me which one, I don't see any??

    Ma 1 mrt 2010, 12:46

  • Hi Lisa, thanks for you comment but I'm lost to. Bas has left the building with another story. We don't know whats happening now but it looks like that things have a kind of scenario.

    I honored him and give him all the credits he deserved.

    Stijn couldn't change the name of an editor and why in the hell should he. I checked his postings and don't see anything wrong. Bas #posts is up to 600.

    When we are talking to you, we are talking to Bas. So what's hapenning here fokes because we don't see it and don't have time for this game as well.

    Ma 1 mrt 2010, 13:05

  • Hi Lisa (2). I asked our database-guru to look over it. I want to know everything about this !!!

    Question to you, Why in the hell should anyone change your name ??? It's your content and well respected by everyone!!

    Ma 1 mrt 2010, 13:13

  • Hi Lisa (3). Stijn only published his own articles. That's what we see. Bas was on the site for the last time on Feb.19 14:34. Until now only 7 new articles are published.

    We now start checking other things.

    Ma 1 mrt 2010, 13:29

  • hmm that's weird, maybe I just got the wrong end of the stick. I just saw a few blogposts that I thought Bas had written, my bad. But I do see a difference in the number of posts that Bas has written in the cache and the live version (cached version says 593 and the live version says 591, so 2 blogposts are not there anymore? Might be a logical explanation to that though?

    I'm not sure about the "when we are talking to you we are talking to Bas" sentence? I am not Bas :) This is my observation, I just wanted a reply to. I would also refrain from swearing at me "why the hell...." I was simply asking. Mystery solved, it's all good.

    Ma 1 mrt 2010, 15:06

    • Stijn De Meyere

    Hey Lisa, I have no clue about the cache and live stuff, so can't answer that. I'm a new blogger here. I hoped that I could offer some content that was worth reading. I don't know about the past and frankly, I don't really care (nothing personal). I just know that I've been under fire here since three days from various, mainly anonymous sources, which makes me a bit suspicious since on all the other blogs I write for (and I can tell you that there are quite a few) I have always been positively received. Apparently here it's a bit less the case. That's OK for me. I can live with that. I just keep on writing, you know. I understand that for some people the fact that Bas decided to leave and start his own blog is upsetting and I guess that some Bas fans like to destroy what I try to do here with some other bloggers. That's OK too. We're all human. My message to everyone reading this is simple. It's a free world. I can blog here. So can you. The rest is the past and I don't know anything about that past. You know what I've learned in life and in blogging and social media as lesson one: never trashtalk. I assume there is reason to believe this is happening a bit if you read between the lines. To summarize: you know Bas, you know his blog, you know this blog, you don't know me (yet) and I can only invite you to blog here with me :) Have a nice day!

    Ma 1 mrt 2010, 15:20

  • HI Stijn, I'm sorry to hear that, it's not cool of people to give you stick for just being new. I wouldn't worry about it too much, although I do symphatise as I have experienced people giviing me stick on blogs myself. But I don't think you should be suscious or try reading between the lines as I can reassure you, I don't "do" between the lines. I just say what I mean and mean what I say. I can also reassure you I have no clue who these anonymous commenters are, I can also reassure you I am not in any way "trash talking" yourself or anyone on Searchcowboys (just so that is clear). I was just asking a simple question about something I thought was a bit "weird", you have all clarified you don't know anything about it and reassured me all my blogpost will stay with my name. All good. Let's move on, and don't give me stick for something someone else is doing..

    Ma 1 mrt 2010, 15:34

    • Stijn De Meyere

    Hey Lisa, I would lie if I said those anonymous content don't stress me. I'm human. But I'm an extremely stubborn guy and the more I get the stick, the more I want to write :)

    And, hey, I'm not giving you the stick. I trust all this will be sorted out and, in fact, would be thrilled to get to know you.

    So, hey, I am Stijn and I like to blog. How are you doing? I see your name on this blog but would love to know more about what you do :)

    Ma 1 mrt 2010, 15:40

    • Stijn De Meyere

    Are you the CEO at Verve like I think?

    Ma 1 mrt 2010, 15:41

  • I am indeed, CEO and Owner of Verve Search, founder of and general SEO geek (

    Ma 1 mrt 2010, 16:24

    • Stijn De Meyere

    OK, so my guess was right. Recently saw you hired a social media and SEM expert. Would be nice to read your thoughts/column on how you experience in your day-to-day businesses the role and impact of social media on both SEO and SEA. Bye now, have an appointment. Thanks for the "chat".

    Ma 1 mrt 2010, 16:30

  • Hi Stijn,

    First I didn't want to comment here because its not 'my stage' anymore, but I just wanted to let you know not to worry. There is nothing suspicious going on as far as I know, I've had anonymous comments like that tons of times, I think many bloggers have. I wouldn't worry about that.

    As for the 'lost' articles: I looked into it and it looks like 2 articles have been moved to "editor" in stead of my name, no problem for me there, so let's all just do our thing. In understand the switch was a bit fast. I never wanted to 'surprise' anyone with a new site, which has a completely different angle than this one and is no way a competitor. I thought I had been clear enough, apparently not :). I understand the mix up, but lets all just do what we do best and enjoy ourselves.

    Keep up the blogging Stijn and good luck with Searchcowboys, its a great site (I for one can know that ;) ) and a great stage to put up your content.

    Wo 3 mrt 2010, 09:24

    • Stijn De Meyere

    Hi Bas, sorry that I didn't answer sooner, was ill. Thanks for your comment. And I'll keep up the blogging and not only here, been writing since ages, good luck you too.

    Wo 17 mrt 2010, 11:57

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