Stop and Go on YouTube

Mon 21 September 2009 11:15, Editors

Stop and Go on YouTube

Google's videoservice YouTube has added a very nice feature just before the weekend. On video's longer than 20 minutes they've added the option to resume the video where you left it before you went away from the page.

There are several video's on YouTube longer than 20 minutes. Some are even longer than 1,5 hours. You won't always have time to view the entire video all at once. BUt when you click away you have to find the spot you left it when you return. Not any more. Now the video will resume right where you've left it, providing you've watched more than a minute of it.

In the same release-post YouTube gave a rundown of more features it has released over the last period. It gives a good insight in the way YouTube is changing. Some of the changes:

Friend suggestions: A module on the homepage that makes friend suggestions based on the email addresses of people with whom you've shared videos on YouTube in the past.

Activity subscriptions: Any new subscription you make will notify you of all public actions that user performs (uploads, favorites, ratings, comments, etc) in your Recent Activity module on the homepage.

Trending Topics: A "Trending Topic" spotlight on that category's browse page or at the bottom of the page.

Sticky HQ: When switching to HQ your choice is "sticky," meaning that when you "go wide" it will persist across your session.

Effortless "More Comments": A "Show More Comments" link at the bottom of comments that, when clicked, quickly appends 10 more comments to the end of the list.

New Discovery Features in Insight: access a "discovery over time" graph that combines data about your views with where those views came from; a "views from mobile" section where you can see which of your video's views came from mobile phones or platforms that use our APIs; and "views from subscribers" where you can more deeply understand how the homepage subscriptions module, the subscriptions page, and subscription email drive views of your videos.

Subscriptions comes to Shows, Movie Trailers: Subscribe to your favorite shows on YouTube to never miss a new episode.

Poster art in Movies: Films in the movies section can now display vertical poster art if the partner provides it.

As you can see, the development team at YouTube has been keeping busy :).

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