Dave Naylor: “SEO is like an artform”

Tue 4 November 2008 12:53, Bas van den Beld

Dave Naylor: “SEO is like an artform”

This week we will attend SMX London. One of the speakers in London will be Dave Naylor, one of the most famous SEO-experts in Britain.

Through Skype Joost de Valk and Bas van den Beld had a very long talk with Naylor.  You can hardly call these podcasts an ‘interview’. Because off Dave’s love for the subject we just kept on talking and it became more of a conversation between search-freaks.

The conversation had two main parts: Dave’s answers to the questions we were asking, but also parts of the conversation were only about what we were seeing online. Dave came up with all sorts of examples, clicked on links and websites while we were talking and commenting on them live. Therefore it became a very long talk, but very interesting for those of us interesting in the ‘geek-part’ of search.

Dave gave us examples of how you can switch between countries in Google and then search as if you were living in another country. That way us Dutch guys were able to see the way Microsoft Live Image Search works in the UK. It looks a lot better than in Holland I can tell you.


Dave also talked about the difference between Europe and the US. Naylor thinks it’s a lot easier to rank high in European sites than in US-sites. Simply because of the competitiveness which is bigger in the US.

We also asked him if he can pick the next Google. He doesn’t believe its Baidu: “If the Chinese government wouldn’t sent Google users to Baidu they wouldn’t be that big”. Naylor has more believe in vertical search engines like Kidzui.com, een search engine for kids.

Also he thinks Mahalo is not going to be the big hit of the future. He thinks its getting worse every day. “Its now already changing its goals. Before it was a ‘human search engine’, now it’s a ‘human how to search engine”. He also lets something slip about his old rival Calacanis. He mentions Calacanis and Paris Hilton have been more than just friends…

Finally Dave tells us who he thinks are the most influential people in the industry. Next to Matt Cutts (Google) and Danny Sullivan (Searchengineland) he has a third suprising influential: his RSS Reader. Off course he also gives us some websites from within his reader we should read ourselves.

Some quotes from the talk:
“I can’t just look at it and take it on face value”
“Google will mess up, but the speed they recover & change things is impressive”
“Black hat = buying links”
“Danny Sullivan is very much right on the line”
“SEO is like an artform”
“Keep going forward and never look back”

The conversation can be listened to in two podcasts. With almost two hours of conversation about SEO it is a must read for the die hard SEO.

Listen to part 1

Listen to part 2

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Comments (5)


  • Great listen. Have to agree with a lot of the points that dave brings up about the random site popping up in the serps for no apparent reason! Keep the series coming!

    Wo 12 nov 2008, 01:36

  • @aukseo thanks! Will do, next up is Lisa Ditlefsen, we talked to her at SMX and are getting it ready to get it online. After that we have amongst others Joost de Valk and Mikkel Svendsen coming up!

    And spread the word if you like it ;)

    Wo 12 nov 2008, 09:21

  • yes, I use the term: the ART of SEO from time to time, as I honestly believe that there's more to it then just technicalities ... there's this touch that's needed ... the only word to describe it is ART!

    Vr 30 jan 2009, 05:05

  • I thinks seo is not a good career as future point of view this right or wrong please advice seo

    Wo 26 aug 2009, 22:04

  • Art of seo is very important for future point of view,nice Quotes..
    Thank you....

    Di 15 dec 2015, 05:01


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