Can you use Twitter for your SEO?

Tue 7 July 2009 09:04, Roy Huiskes

Can you use Twitter for your SEO?

There’s a lot of mumbo jumbo for using twitter in the SEO industry. If you look at first couple of months, twitter was kinda cool for link building, but we all knew that wasn’t going to last for a long time. Of course some early adoptors made some good money with it, but the fun was completely over when Matt Cutts decided to personally pull the plug on the last link in the biography. That isn’t relevant enough for Google and they are by far not able to discover the true value of a link in a sidebar over a couple of thousand pages. Hello co-citation.

But there must be some good use for twitter from an SEO point of view. For instance the amount of other SEO’s around there, with whom you can connect, share idea’s, make SEO strategies and of course trade or even ‘exchange’ some links through DM’s. It’s also an amazing filter for people who don’t have enough time to read all the SEO blogs in the world (be sure to read though!) and check out the quality of the writings as well. Twitter is very usefull for this.

So join the people who share quality content, and start sharing your content and other good content to your followers. Share links. There’s even a bit of extra in there if you use a hashtag like #seo a lot of people are using a search to look for that tag, so the message will have more reach. Also be sure it’s not to long, so that the tweet is retweetable.

Maybe you’ve also noticed that twitter ranks pretty good on the average semi-competitve keywords. If you handle this with care, you’ll be able to grab some extra real estate on the SERP’s like this for example ( this way you can drive a bit of extra traffic to you pages. Be sure to pick a good URL shortner, or even better, try not to use one. It’s also good for some small search engine reputation management, because you can get another place filled with some smart namepicking.

Now that’s it. Sure you can use twitter for a lot of other things, but those things aren’t SEO anymore but regular online marketing, or actually using common sense. The real power of twitter isn’t in SEO but in the conversation. There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t call it 10 SEO tips for twitter again, like a carsalesman of snakeoil producer...

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  • OK, so you got the traffic here but I feel it's an odd flow of ideas. Are you doggin' the other guy for his "10 tips" or are you teaching us something?

    Di 7 jul 2009, 12:55

  • Well it's kinda odd to write ten SEO tips about something that isn't helping from an SEO perspective, but could easilly being replaced by hyves, facebook e-mail or even phone. Twitter isn't usefull for SEO, it's usefull for an SEO. Which makes a lot of difference.

    The guy with the link just came up with google's [10 twitter seo tips] query. So it's not directed to him in this way.

    Di 7 jul 2009, 21:00

  • External links from don't pass link juice but some twitter users do run their own lifestream that includes their tweets (check out Sweetcron for an example).

    Find & follow these people then get them to tweet about your pages to get links. Retweets are good for this if you use a URL shortener that passes link juice too.

    Wo 8 jul 2009, 03:34

  • how?

    Zo 19 jul 2009, 03:46

    • Esther Mayhew

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    Di 12 jan 2016, 11:30


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