A bloggers view on search in Europe: Barry Adams

Fri 23 January 2009 14:11, Barry Adams

A bloggers view on search in Europe: Barry Adams

[Editor]And again we are very happy to announce a new blogger at Searchcowboy: Barry Adams told he was ready for 'cattle duty. Barry is a Web Consultant for recent startup Long Term Results, a company aimed specifically at providing custom web solutions for small businesses with limited online experience.

Barry specialises in search marketing and social media, though he is active in many different roles within his organisation.Because of his technical background Barry is fascinated by the technological developments originating from and tying in to the internet and the impact they have on our society as a whole.

As you know we've asked our bloggers to write a post about their view on the European Search Market. What are their thoughts, how do they see the future of Search in Europe and what is the difference between US and Europe. Barry gives his view below.

Search in Europe according to Barry Adams

Few will argue that most of the high-impact developments in Search and SEO originate in the United States. Ever since the internet came of age, Europe has been a more difficult search market than America. European internet professionals have had to deal with a lot more complexity compared to their American counterparts.

In Europe we deal with many factors that make our work more challenging. Consider the multilingual aspect of the European internet. Oftentimes a company has to operate in several language areas with one website, or serve content in one language to more than one country. This yields a wide variety of challenges with search engine optimisation and advertising. Decisions concerning domain extensions, multilingual content and URL structures can have a significant impact on a company's online success.

Additionally European internet entrepreneurs have to be sensitive to a whole range of cultural issues, not to mention byzantine legislation on local, national and European levels. Internet technologies are adopted at a different pace and in different ways in many European countries, and it's impossible to create a one-size-fits-all approach to online marketing in general, and search marketing specifically.

Add to that the often decentralised online marketing efforts of multinational corporations operating in the European market, and you can imagine the difficulties our profession faces here.

It's not all doom and gloom however. The fragmented playing field also yields a great deal of opportunities for businesses to have a high impact online. There's room for maneuvering, and an enterprising organisation can exploit this challenging environment to reach a bigger audience than would otherwise be the case. The blended use of local and international search engines also allows more options for smaller businesses that don't want to take on the big names in their industry.

The rise of local vertical search engines is a development very much worth keeping an eye on, as I believe it will gain traction when users realise it's a more effective way of searching for many of their online information needs. This can potentially break down the near-monopoly of Google in the western European search market, as well as add additional flavor to already mixed search markets in other European regions.

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  • We all say hellow to Barry

    Vr 23 jan 2009, 15:30

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