Meet the Engines – a4u Expo

Tue 13 October 2009 13:32, Louis Venter

Meet the Engines – a4u Expo

Second session at a4u was one I was really looking forward to. With Yahoo! pulling out, Jon Myers managed to bring in Dave Naylor as a “Yahoo! Representative”.

The session was fairly broad as a lot of the attendees are finding their feet in search. I tried to pull out the most interesting bits.


Dan Cohen from MSN: Making the SEO Internal Sale

Prioritising is massively important, it’s also important to show continual progress.
PPC is a tap which you can switch on and off to suit whereas SEO allows you to amortise the costs over time of the initial activity. It’s the longer term game. It’s important for stakeholders to realise that and buy into the process.

Treat the crawler as an important user

Crawlers are users too. When planning any web work it’s very important to create architecture for crawlers and users. Enable http compression to improve transfer rate, a couple of milliseconds a page but for a large scale site it’s very important.

IIS 7.0 – Due to launch an SEO toolkit which would be great for Windows developer

  • Offers full and details SEO analysis
  • Has a simulated crawler to check the crawler experience
  • Allow load testing as well
  • Download from

Mathew Trewhalla from Google

10 – 25% of the web is new every time G indexes it.

It’s really important to make product naming strategies map to search phrase volume.
Headlines need to be relevant to the content type, especially true within publishing.

Test and measure everything, continually, check analytics daily to get more insights. 1% conversion = great than proportionate increase in sales.

Review your crawl rate, if a user takes more than 7 seconds to get a page the exit rate spikes, if a crawl rate exceeds 3 seconds then work on it. You may need an architecture upgrade.
New webmaster tool: Googlebot fetcher as part of webmaster tools.

Dave Naylor from “Yahoo”

Dave stood in as a last minute replacement for Yahoo! and demonstrated a “great” method to get clean links from Flickr. Disclaimer from Dave: “don’t blame me when Google R^& your ass on these…..”

Login to Flickr add a comment which will automatically nofollow : then click html and pull out the nofollow to get clean links ! And with a single stroke Flickr comments go through the roof.
Dave said there were no other Yahoo features that were worth mentioning.

Thus concluding the shortest ever career in Yahoo!

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Comments (2)


    • Simon

    "Test and measure everything, continually, check analytics daily to get more insights. "

    Piss poor advice. Poor use of time. Do it less often.

    Do 15 okt 2009, 11:32

  • Simon, explain, why?

    Do 15 okt 2009, 11:39


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