Google Search: 2012

Thu 11 June 2009 11:20, Jeffrey Bleijendaal

Google Search: 2012

Last weekend I went to the cinema to see "Terminator Salvation" (what a disappointment). Before the movie started there where a view trailers of coming movies (looking forward to "Transformers 2"). There was also a trailer for the movie "2012" which ended with the possibility to find out the truth by searching on Google for: 2012.

Since I'm spending a few hours a day on the Internet and have an interest in search this drew my attention. So I've been searching for 2012 on Google, MSN, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. but I couldn't find out the truth they promised me. I did find out the world is coming to an end on December 20th in the year 2012, but that's a whole other subject.


After that I searched on, but still no satisfying results. So I used the extended search option Google has and typed in the query 2012. I selected results for the Untied States region only and hit Search. The results actually showed me the official 2012 movie website ( on the 1st place. So job well done!


Now I need some information from the SEO-guys who read SearchCowboys, because my expertise is AdWords and search engine advertising and my SEO-knowledge is limited.
What might they have done to get 2012 on top of the Google SERP, because they must have done something right. The website has a PageRank of 6!

 - The webite is in flash;
 - The source of the website shows some meta tags
 - Some sharing options via Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, etc.
 - Etc.

So who will find me out the truth about 2012?


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Comments (7)


  • The secret is in the 2000+ backlinks all with '2012' in the anchor text. A lot of them form reputable sites like

    Do 11 jun 2009, 12:04

  • I actually liked Terminator Salvation. Am I the only one? :P

    I'd say the success of the domain is due to a good linkbuilding strategy. Incoming links are still the primary factor in determining a website's rankings in the search engine results, and Yahoo counts over 2000 links pointing to the domain.

    How they achieved this large amount of links in such a short time is difficult to say. I think they're paying bloggers to link to them, as many of their incoming links come from blogs.

    Do 11 jun 2009, 12:06

  • I'm kinda Noob to SEO, so sorry if I say something wrong. But, obviously, 2000 backlinks is quite a lot. Sure. But does this give you a PR of 6 in such a short time? I guess the reffering blogs or whatever need to have a good PR too (jaja...PR isn't everything)...and convincing PR 6 Bloggers to link to you, would be quite expensive...but ok, that's Hollywood..

    Since I'm living in Austria (here it's on 2nd place, right after wikipedia), imagining to pay 2000 bloggers is far away from reality over here, but if it's working in the US, alright.

    Nevertheless it'd be quite dissapointing if it's that easy to get a #1 position. Espacially since the website itself does not seem to be pretty much optimized (Flash).

    On the other hand 2012 isn't such a hard Keyword to optimize for, I think. Until now of course ;-)

    Do 11 jun 2009, 13:09

    • Rik

    I think they've made a bit of a mistake with this campaign - like you say, it took you quite a bit of effort to actually find them in Google. How many people that don't have an interest in search would keep looking after their first query proved fruitless?

    Here in the UK that website is way down in Google for the search term '2012'. Here there's the small problem of the London Olympics swallowing the top of the first page.

    Ma 6 jul 2009, 14:20

  • well iv done the same thing went to the site of 2012 watch the movie all i can say is u just have to wait and see if its true its going to happen and theres nothing any1 if it happens the way its being put just on the day have all your loved one with u and close your eyes( call me crazy ) but the way the weather is im really not going to dout it

    Do 16 jul 2009, 04:17

  • Well if you want to know detailed about 2012 end of world i think it would be nice for you to follow this link

    Vr 18 sep 2009, 20:22

    • mataripis

    the series of events of Global catastrophies is written in the holy scriptures.The objects that may hit planet Earth are "BEINGS" with extraordinary powers.But the exact dates are not definite. The changes that will take place in our planet and the solar system will be marked/alarmed by the moving planetary bodies and objects in the outer space.They call it Nibiru/Elenin/apophis/ but in the Holy scriptures it is called Abaddon(hebrew term) or Apollo(greek term) with the English equivalent as "The Destroyer".The schedule of the impact is not definite, since it is possible that the objects in space are orbiting in the solar system in unusual motions.One thing that i am sure is that the effects of changes in Earth's movement will cause time reversal that may defy ageing of all physical creatures in planet earth.even the aliens will be benefitted in the changes in this planet and this is the reason why they are planning to join humans(but in reality want to eradicate humans). so it is better to keep the identity of humans as real creature that will not agree with any sayings/words of aliens. May all the real humans be saved by the grace of the Creator in the name of Yeshwah. This planet was created by YhWh for the humans and not for the aliens/aka Serpents or reptilians.

    Za 22 okt 2011, 07:50


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