Scoopler: real time search (sort of)

Tue 12 May 2009 10:45, Bas van den Beld

While everybody is talking about Wolfram Alpha on other places search engines keep popping up. Most new search engines are trying to jump into the spectrum of real time search. As long as Google isn't there yet, they feel they have a chance.

A new player in this area is Scoopler. Scoopler launched in private beta in April and is now trying to get a solid foot on the ground. The idea behind Scoopler is simple: provide real time results across a variety of services. Scoopler was created by AJ Asver and Dilan Jaywardane.

Scoopler: real time search (sort of)

Off course one of the main services Scoopler aims at is Twitter. But more search engines, including Twitter's own search engine, follow that road, so making a difference in that area is difficult. But Twitter results ARE the first thing you look at and are dominating the search results, maybe even a little bit too much.

When trying out Scoopler I was surprised. When searching for a general term like Google you actually get real time results which are constantly updated. That looks really nice. However, when you go the 'long tail' and start looking for other terms I'm a bit dissapointed. A search for 'searchcowboys' only gives back three results, three tweets we placed ourselves. The oldest one was from a day ago, the newest one 23 hours ago. Where are all the other tweets? Where are all the pages, pictures and videos?


We took a litlle test. We tweeted "Searchcowboys is trying out Scoopler beta. Let's see how real time it really is..." to see how quickly the tweet would be indexed in real time on different searches.

I tried out the searches "Scoopler", "searchcowboys" and "real time".  he results were very dissapointing. On none of the searches the tweet showed up.

Still, luckily Scoopler has got a lot more to offer. Some features are really nice. Like the 'peek' feature. Every result has a 'peek' button. Clicking it opens a overlay on your screen of the page the result is about. That looks very nice.


Another nice feature is the way video results are presented. When there is a video in the 'regular' results or in the video results presented on the right a small icon of the video is displayed. Click it and the video opens in an overlay right there.

Other features are 'hot topics', popular searches, search in videos, links and images and 'all topics', which I especcially like because it just ranodmly gives you real time results that are indexed. The 'live' feature looks very nice, with new results popping up constantly.

What's interesting off course is that Scoopler looks at more than just Twitter or microblogs. That's what makes a difference with for example Twingly. Scoopler also gathers results from amongst others Flickr, Digg, YouTube and Delicious. That makes the service a pretty complete search engine.

I don't know if the not indexing of certain tweets and results has to do with Scoopler being in beta, but if they can actually get the real time results on ALL search topics and not just the 'regular' ones Scoopler is a nice services to use.

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