Find that one job on Twitter: Twitterjobsearch

Fri 3 April 2009 12:05, Bas van den Beld

Find that one job on Twitter: Twitterjobsearch

Everybody wants a piece of Twitter. There are many tools to help you use Twitter or optimize your marketing strategy with it. Hell, Guy Kawasaki makes a living out of it ;).

British UK jobs search engine Workhound must have thought they could do just as well and developed a search engine with which you can search trough Twitter to find that perfect job: The way to find a search engine marketing job in Europe? Let's test it.

We already saw several twitter accounts of recruiters trying to get the attention of Twitterers, but tries a different angle. doesn't focus on Twitterers but to a broader public. It just uses Twitter to find the offered jobs.


Jobsites seem to like the initiative. Bill Fischer, Workhound director, said that after a few days more than 40 job sites had got in touch to ask how they could index their jobs on the search engine.

Actually that is quite easy: tweet the job. The search engine looks for job vacancies using a specific algorithm. It then visits the site named in the tweet and adds another layer of context to the tweet so it can be more easily found by jobseekers.

When a search is performed a result page shows the found jobs. You can then click on "view job", "retweet" or "follow" to follow the original tweeter.

Main question is: Is the search engine any good? The first search I performed for "SEO Consultant, Amsterdam" gave me back 6 results. None of them jobs for SEO Consultants... None of them in Amsterdam. All tweets also were made by the same recruiter.


But maybe the engine just didn't find any Dutch jobs, so I tried some UK-ones, it's a UK search engine after all... That search was a lot better: 717 results and actually jobs as an SEO Consultant.I also tried searching for jobs in Spain, Germany and France with different results.

So it seems to work fine mainly for the UK. That's a start. The search engine also is fast, so it sure has potential.


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