Twitter search is here? Well for some...

Mon 9 March 2009 13:27, Bas van den Beld

When logging into the Search Cowboys Twitter account I noticed a change in the look and feel of the page that wasn't there before and is not there on my personal account: twitter search is there!

The search box is now implemented in some of the accounts. Throughout last week there were more twitter users noticing the boxes. Apparently Twitter is integrating the search function on site step by step. Strangly enough the search is not working as it should though.

Twitter search is here? Well for some...

Several weeks ago users noticed that the Twitter logo had gone smaller, this was the first indication of Twitter search being integrated on the Twitter pages.

The new search on the Twitter page has some more features. A quick overview:

In the top-navigation there now is a search box from which you can access the searchfunction right away. The strange thing is though that it doesn't seem to use the function. A search for "searchcowboys" doesn't give any results back on this search, while it does give back a lot of results on the 'regular search'. Why that is, is not clear for now.

Next to the search box there is a "Trends" tab. This tab shows the top ten most trending topics at the moment.


Another new feature is the "Featured user". When sent to the result page of a search the right column has changed. On top is the "Featured User", a so it seems randomly picked user who gets attention. Below that the ten most trending topics are placed.

Finally there is the 'nifty queries', a top list of queries, probably not the most searched for, but als randomly picked.


The new features all are clearly intended to keep users on the website. Could the next step be ads?

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  • I like the results thus far. I am finding good post son stuff I am interested in.

    Do 12 mrt 2009, 14:16

  • Nice post Cowboy. I had the pleasure of using the new search function on Twitter for a while and find it
    Fantastic!. Having the ability to do instant result search as it happens is something the other Search
    Engines,including Google do not have. This gives Twitter Search the head start it needs to become a leader
    in this type of search. The potential for Businesses being able to use this type of search for Branding
    research, intelligence, or advertising also makes it interesting. I predict a bright future for the new
    Twitter Instant Search function. You are quite right about having 2 different searches on Twitter at this
    time! Not sure why that is. The listings of users matching the search in the right top 4 positions is a
    great idea also and makes it more interactive for users, and I noticed an increase of the number of
    followers finding my accounts because of it. Over all, a great addition by Twitter and I Hope theY will
    release it to all Twitterers soon.

    Do 12 mrt 2009, 14:55

  • Slowly but surely Twitter is tweaking itself out to make it completely streamlined.

    Vr 13 mrt 2009, 18:40


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