The circle to success

Mon 11 May 2009 14:27, Jaap Jacobs

The circle to success

High volume traffic against low advertising costs. It’s the wish of every online entrepreneur and internet marketer. At the start of many Adwords campaigns this wish is a common goal. Fortunately, many advertisers see the experience necessary to achieve good online results. Most of them hire an online marketing agency to do the job.
Unfortunately the amount of traffic and low cpc’s is not the only factor of success. Many advertisers underestimate the power of a good landing page. It is a common fact that the advertiser is afraid to look critically against his own website. Why? Their development team resist to changes, the son of the boss has made the website or the company has made an long-term agreement with an web design company etc. etc. Without realizing they spend hundreds and thousands in cash en Adwords seems to be a bad investment.

Be honest! A successful campaign with Adwords does not solely exist of a good campaign, but has to be supported with a good and converting website. If it possible (otherwise make it possible) track the conversions made with Google Adwords. It’s not that hard. Google provides you with a small script which has to be placed within the <body> </body> tags on your thank you page.

Try to look critically to the profit at the end. Tracking is one of the most important success factors within a good Adwords campaign. It gives an honest insight within the results of your website. It gives you knowledge, which makes it justifiable to make important and fast decisions. That’s crucial within a fast developing online competition. But how are you able to set up an effective Adwords campaign? You should find a balanced mix within CPC’s and the return on a keyword leverage. And without tracking your conversions it is impossible to justify the height of your CPC’s. But when does your website is not sufficient and ruins the results of your campaign?

It’s hard to say. A good internet marketer tries to work to an acceptable CPO. When this scenario results within low volumes of traffic and sales I would suggest to look towards your website. With achieving a higher success rate you will be able to make more conversions. But even better. It gives internet marketers a gap to higher your CPC’s, improve within ad ranks and make it possible to send more traffic which hopefully generates more conversions. A good balanced mix is crucial. Adwords is a vicious circle. When you touch a button it has immediately impact on the other key elements!

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